• In reality the Xiphactinus was a saltwater fish. As seen in Proof, the Terra Nova colony seems to be located not far from an ocean.
  • The real Xiphactinus was also much larger than the ones seen in the market, suggesting that they are probably juveniles.
  • The head of a real Xiphactinus can be seen on this page. It has a protruding lower jaw and sharp teeth similar to what's seen on the show, although the snout of the fish on the show appears more rounded, similar to a piranha. The bodies of the ones hanging in the market are also much shorter proportionally than the body on fossils of adults, again more similar to a piranha.
  • Fossils of larval or juvenile Xiphactinus have never been found by paleontologists, so one could speculate that the juveniles were more piranha-like.

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