This is a transcript of the Terra Nova episode "Within".


At the Portal TerminusEdit

That's it. Portal Terminus. You came through it the day you got here. I don't remember. Then again, it was pretty much a blur. One minute I was in 2149, the next I was here. Hope Plaza sent it through in pieces after the Fourth Pilgrimage. Some assembly required. Before we got it, there was no way of knowing where the Fracture would spit people out. Second Pilgrimage ended up about eight klicks north of here. Third Pilgrimage, they landed smack in the middle of Arrowpoint Lake. That was fun. So this thing fixes the portal on our end, huh? You're not going to ask me how it works, are you? Nah Good. I'm really not in the mood to pretend I know. The Eleventh Pilgrimage is due here in a matter of days. I want that Sixer spy locked in the brig before the new colonists get here. How's that coming? Interviews still in progress. There's still a few left. Actually, uh I need a word with Reilly. Fair enough. I'm gonna head in. Gotta dispatch the afternoon patrols. Mm-hmm. Everybody clear on their orders? Sir, yes, sir! Eyes on the portal round the clock. Any activity, I want to know ASAP. Reilly, step out. Sheriff wants a word with you. What are you standing around for? Sheriff. What can I do for you?

As you know, some evidence that may have identified the spy was destroyed in the infirmary the other night, and I need to question everyone who had access. You understand? Of course. Ask away. Okay. You checked into the infirmary that night. Why? Fresh squashed my thumb in the door of a rover. I said I was sorry. But, thanks to your wife, it's fully operational. Good. Well, did you see anyone or anything unusual in the infirmary that night? Uh, just staff, patients, family members just like any other night. All right. That's all I need.

At the Command BaseEdit

Skye. Appreciate you coming in. No problem. Getting me out of construction duty. Those are some nasty cuts on your hands. Rough work? Brutal. I volunteer before every Pilgrimage, and I always end up looking like I took a midnight swim in a lake full of xiphs.

Thursday, between 9:00 and 11:00 the spy tried contacting the Sixers that morning, so I need to know where everyone was. Oh. I was with, uh Josh. Oh, yeah? What were you guys up to? What you say can and will be used against you. We were at my house. On the porch. Um, I I was trying to teach him how to play chess. Oh, yeah? How did he do? Diamond in the rough? But I think he has potential. Ain't that the truth. All right, well if you see anything suspicious I'll let you know. Great. Okay. Don't think this gets you out of construction duty.

At the Shannon's HouseEdit


I'm sorry. Is this bothering you? How about now?

You know what? I'm just going to ignore your desperate cry for attention.


What just happened? Josh, did you do something?

Why do you always have to blame everything on me?

Because everything is usually your fault. It's my plex.

You blew your core. Mine died last week.


Mom, my world just ended.

She just needs a new core. A promethium core? Well, you might have to wait till the Eleventh gets here.

But I have everything on my plex. My-My diaries, my homework, my music, my books - my whole life!

Sucks for you.

Maddy, promethium's a highly specialized piece of technology. It's not like we can just walk down the street and get you a new one, you know? And there's a colony-wide shortage as it is. I don't know, maybe you can scrounge one up from somewhere, but for now, I think you're just going to have to make do, okay? Who wants lunch?

Uh, can't. Gotta go to work.

Try Casey Durwin. He might be able to help you out. Just bring something to trade, okay?


On the StreetEdit

Josh, hey! Hey. Where you headed? Ditch duty? New apprenticeship. Auto Bay. Um I wanted to ask you something. Shoot. Heads up. Um Uh, so I just got done talking to your dad and, um if he asks you where you were last Thursday, could you just say that you were playing chess at my place? Why would I say that? Because I am asking you to? What were you really doing? Stuff. Like? It's stupid. Skye, it's me. I was pinching some copper tubing from maintenance. And by "pinching" I mean "borrow. " And by "borrow," I mean I will give it back eventually. Happy? Are you making a new still? Is this one of Hunter's brilliant ideas? Something like that. Right. But So will you cover for me? You're asking me to lie to my dad. Your dad's looking for a Sixer spy. Unless you think it's me and - I've just been fooling everybody - I know you're not a spy, Skye. Okay, so what's the big deal? Sure. No problem. Thank you. I knew I could trust you.

At the Sixer CampEdit

Intel. You're welcome. Oh. Hey, Mom. Bucket. My sweet Bucket. I've been worried. It's been a week. I know. Sorry. I worry. You know I worry. I can't help myself. I know. Have they been feeding you okay? I'll try to come by more often. I brought you some food. - Where'd you get that blanket? - Hello. Who are you? Bucket, it's all right. This is Lucas Taylor. The honor's mine. You're Taylor's son? Yeah. I've been told I have his eyes. You're supposed to be missing. You found me. What do you want? I want us to be friends. Your mother and I are friends. Right, Deb? Lucas brought the blanket. It's the least I could do. Your mother needs her rest. Can we talk outside? How sweet. Mommy doesn't know you're a spy, does she? My guess is, she has no idea what you've had to do to keep her alive. Don't talk about my mother. Why don't we talk about my father, then? How is the Great Commander these days? Has he walked on water yet? Raised a man from the What do you want? I have a job for you. I work for Mira. And who do you think she works for? The Sixers can't complete their mission without me. If I need you to do something, believe me, Mira will understand. Do you know what this is? My life's work. How to make the time portal go both ways. I've almost solved it. Congratulations. Thank you. But the equation needs to be factored and reconciled. I could do it by hand, but it'd take weeks, maybe months. In Terra Nova, in the Eye, it would take less than an hour. You want me to do it. I'll give you a day. No. Information only. That is my deal with Mira. Just plug it in. Let the Eye do the rest. What if I don't? It's a long way down. You'll do it, or I'll toss your mother over the side, and then she'll find out just how far down it really is. You better get moving Bucket.

On the StreetEdit

I double-checked the perimeter, just like you asked. There's a drainage ditch outside the Ag-center. It's small, but it wouldn't be impossible for someone to sneak in and out that way. Put a security cam on it, just in case. Will do. And Wash, double up on your west perimeter patrol. I want eyes on that tree line. Will do. Hey, Dad. Josh. Oh, Josh, before I forget last Thursday, between 07:00 and 11:00 where were you? Uh, playing chess with Skye. Where? Her place. All I needed to know.

In the EyeEdit

Hello? Activate.

At the MarketEdit

Well? You're a smart girl. Okay, say I did have a use for a frilly green scarf, an old teddy bear Miss Dorothy. Yeah, and what the heck? Abacus I used to collect them, but this is the only one I brought through the portal with me. Well, it still wouldn't be enough to buy a promethium core. Look, I bet that this is the only abacus on Terra Nova. - With good reason. - Which makes it rare. Which makes it junk. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Look, I appreciate the hustle, okay? But the reality is if you got nothing to trade, I can't help you. You see the trick is to Damn it. Bum wheel. What was I saying? The trick is to find something Yeah, to find something that the person can't live without. Then you make the trade. - No one needs an "acubus. " - Abacus. Whatever. Hey great pick. What if I could get you a wheel? Well, then, my friend, we could talk. Those are not

In Lukas' hovelEdit

Lucas? Bucket, did it work? Yeah, I think so. For your sake and your sweet mother's sake, I hope so. Yes, yes. I knew you could do it. This is gonna work. I'm so close. Just a day or two. I've seen these before, out by Snakehead Falls. And did you tell my father? No. Area's off-limits. He needs to keep our issues in the family. The two of us, we suffer from a Shakespearean relationship that borders on Greek tragedy. Have you always hated him this much? No, not always. It started in 2138, August. What happened then? Ask him yourself. So after the portal opens both ways, what then? You'll see, now Now, out, Bucket. I've work to do. Don't make me tell you twice.

At the Command BaseEdit

Shannon, check this out. What do you got? This is footage from a few hours ago from the camera at the Ag-center. That's Skye. What's she doing? I'm sure she's got a perfectly good reason to be sneaking out of Terra Nova through a drainage ditch covered in brushthorn. - I'll notify the commander. - Hold on. I gotta I gotta double-check something.

At Shannon's HouseEdit

Josh? Listen, I'm gonna ask you something, and I need you to be honest with me, understand? Sure. You weren't with Skye last Thursday, were you? No. You know where she was? Yeah, she said that if you ask, I should say I was with her. I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I thought you were looking for a Sixer spy. What's going on? Josh you're my son, and I love you very much but don't lie to me again, okay? Yeah. And you're grounded. Oh, come on! I've been grounded since I walked through the portal. What's going on? I found the Sixer mole. And our son's been lying for her to help cover her tracks.

Back at Command BaseEdit

I just And you're sure it's her? I've been retracing her whereabouts for the last week. Too many holes. She hasn't been on construction duty like she said, plus her alibi for the morning the Sixers tried to make contact doesn't check out. I'm sorry. Me, too. I got a man inside the Sixer camp. I'm gonna get to him and see if he can confirm that it's her. Who's your man? Curran. After I banished him, I thought I'd make use of him; give him the chance to earn his way back to the colony. Well, in the meantime, I'll get Wash to bring Skye in. No. I've got a better idea.

Playing ChessEdit

Your mind's not on the game. Didn't see that one coming, did you? No, I sure didn't. Commander. What's the word on the supply convoy? Almost ready to leave. Pack me out a rover with a . 50-cal gunner. I know Devil's Canyon better than most. I want those sonic mines at Outpost 3 ASAP. I'll run point on this myself. - Yes, sir. - Convoy'll be ready to leave in an hour. Your move.

At the Town SquareEdit

Hey. Hi. You working? Off in a few hours. Why? I need a wheel. A wheel? - Yeah, for Casey Durwin. - Why? If I find him a wheel for his chair, then he'll give me a promethium core for my plex. I haven't done any homework or read in almost 24 hours, and I'm going slightly insane. Okay, wait. You haven't done homework in 24 hours? Are you, are you okay? You need to sit down? Mark, it's not funny. Okay, um Uh, come back in an hour. I'll help you find that wheel, okay? You're amazing. Back at ya.

At the Command BaseEdit

And there she goes. She took the bait. Yep. Once Mira finds out about the convoy, she'll be on it with everything she's got. We'll be ready for her. We'll bring her in if we can. But one way or the other, this is gonna end.

At Devil's CanyonEdit

Still nothing, Shannon. You copy? Yeah, roger that. All eyes still on you, and you're clear. But when they make their move, we'll be all over them. Commander, it looks like we've got movement. They're coming in behind us. Talk to me, Shannon. How many? I can't get a visual. Stand by. Commander, visual contact. These Sixers are 50-foot tall, gray and very, very hungry. We gave Mira a golden opportunity. It's been hours. They ain't showing. I think she must have spotted you and your team. I don't think so. You got another theory, I sure'd like to hear it. Maybe Skye didn't tell her. Well, then why'd she hightail it out of Terra Nova the minute she heard about this convoy? Think about it. The Sixers never found any of our weapons caches. They've never attacked a convoy when we really needed it. She's giving them intel, but nothing that would actually hurt the colony. Why give them anything at all? 'Cause I think they're holding something over her. Mira.

At the Sixer CampEdit

Back so soon? Just trying to take care of my mom, since your people aren't feeding her. You know what this is? Medicine. Your mother's dose for the day. What if a strong wind came and blew it away? My spotters say a convoy went through Devil's Canyon about an hour ago. Why the hell didn't you contact us? Because I didn't know about the convoy. It's your job to know. Your intel has been garbage lately. - I'm doing the best I can. - Yeah? Do better. Next week? I'll be here. I'll have something.

At the MarketEdit

So, how about that trade? Wow. Aren't you the industrious one? Well, you know, I had a little help. Did a little scavenging Breaks my heart to tell you this, but somebody beat you to it. What? They picked up my last promethium core this morning. They traded me a brand-new wheel. Who bought it?

At Boylan's BarEdit

Tom Boylan? Who wants to know? I'm Maddy. I came for a core. Because Casey Durwin said that he sold the last one to you, and I'm not leaving until I trade. A core, eh? Expensive piece of technology. Yes, well, I need it for my plex and my studies and I really like to study. Oh, yeah? I used to like to study. Look how far it got me. How much do you want for it? More than you've got. Well, why do you need it? To run a new set of taps highly necessary. Now, out! Because, as you can see, I am a busy man. Well, I can help you with this, you know. I'm-I'm really good with numbers and organizing things. Really? Yeah, yeah. I-I even like doing it. My organizational services for a core. Interesting proposal. Maddy? Shannon. As in Sheriff Shannon? Yeah, my dad. So the sheriff's daughter organizing my books. Uh no. No. No, thank you. Did your dad put you up to this? No! I tell you, I tell you what. I tell you what. How about I just give you the core? What, you're just giving it to me? No, I want you to have it. Just tell your dad what a nice guy I was giving it to you. Off you go. Okay. - It's a little weird. - Yeah. Thank you. Would you like a wheel?

At the Sixer CampEdit

I solved it. It's done. Thank you, Bucket. You know how to make the portal open both ways? And now everything changes. What are you talking about? Hey, why "Bucket"? I have to know. I When I was little, I wanted to be in the army like my dad, so I used to put a bucket on my head and pretend it was a helmet. Name kind of stuck. It suits you. I've always found it so strange why so many people want to be like their fathers. Not me. I just wanted to destroy mine. Where are you going? To the portal. There's so much to do, and not much time. But I-I wanted to tell you, before I left, you shouldn't go back to Terra Nova. It's not safe for you there. They're coming. Who? My employers. The people who hired the Sixers. They're gonna take control of Terra Nova, and if my father fights them, which he will, they'll burn it to the ground, with or without the people in it. Why would they do that? Control the past and you control the future. Well, Taylor won't let that happen. He's a man, not a god. But don't tell him that. You'll hurt his feelings. When the tanks roll in and my employer starts stripping this place into nonexistence, the commander will know, finally, that I beat him. I've been waiting for this day since I was 14 years old. And I have you to thank.

At the Command BaseEdit

Searched her place, found these. They're maintenance access cards. They're old ones. Hacked ones. She's been using them a couple times a week to access Relay Station Nine. Relay Station 9 that's a klick and a half outside the gates. What, a meeting place? Possibly. Listen, I know it's not much, but there could be something out there, some, some reason behind why she's doing all this. I sure hope you're right. I really hope there's a reason. So I can make some sense out of all of this. Let's move.

At the Sixer CampEdit

I shouldn't have helped Lucas, but I didn't know what else to do. And if something happens, it's my fault. And something will happen; he said it would. It's just a matter of time. He's on his way there now. Sweetheart, I didn't know. Why didn't you tell me? 'Cause I didn't want you to worry. I don't think I can do this anymore. Bucket, look at me. Skye Alexandria Tate, you look at me right now. You don't have to do this anymore. What? You're not doing this anymore. This has gone on long enough. If I had have known, I would've put an end to it a long time ago. You're going to run back to Terra Nova, you're going to go straight to Taylor, and you tell him everything you know. And you are never coming back here, you understand? What about you? I've been sick a long time. A very long time. I'm tired. Mom, please. You've been such a strong girl. You know how proud your father would've been? Now, get up go. Don't you worry about your mom; I'll be fine. Go, Skye. Hurry.

At Relay Station 9Edit

I got something. Yeah, this belongs to Skye. I gave her a sonic for her last birthday. Damn good shot. Hands up! Please don't shoot! - I came here to warn you. - Put the sonic down. We know you're the spy. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't lock you away for the rest of your life. I wanted to tell you. I just the Sixers have my mom! Your mother's been dead - for the last three years. - No, she's alive! They-They have a treatment for Sincyllic Fever, and after my dad died, I snuck her out to their camp, and Mira said that she would save her, if I spied for them. You have to listen to me. Lucas finished his calculations. What do you know about Lucas and his calculations? I talked to him, and he's on his way to the portal right now. He's gonna activate it to make it go both ways. Why are you just standing there?! You have to go! You've been lying to me for God knows how long. Why the hell should I believe anything you say? I am done lying, Taylor. - I'm done. - Yeah? What can you say to me that is gonna convince me that you ever actually even talked to my son?! He, um uh, he mentioned 2132. No, no, no, no, no. Uh, 2138. August 2138. You go straight to the colony and wait for us there, understand? Of course. Taylor, I'm sorry.

At the Portal TerminusEdit

Dunham, this is Shannon. Dunham, come in. Over. Dunham, do you copy? Anybody I am here with the Commander. Do you copy Dunham, this is Shan We're to meet you at now. Shannon this is Dunham. I didn't copy. Interference on this end. Go again. Over. . What was that? The portal. It's initiating. I thought the 11th Pilgrimage wasn't scheduled till next week. Riley to Taylor. Come in. We have unscheduled portal activity. Over. That thing's causing interference. I wouldn't do that if I were you. Get down on the ground! Now! - Don't move. - You first.

At the Portal Terminus at nightEdit

Lucas! Step away from the portal. I'd take it easy with those guns, if I were you. I'll say it one more time step away from the portal or I'll shoot. No, you won't. One blast from those sonics could blow the whole Fracture apart, and that would cut you off from the future for good. And you wouldn't want that, would you? I can't tell you how glad I am that you're here. All those nights I spent out in the jungle, freezing, starving. The only thing that kept me alive was the thought of you being here - to see this. - Son Don't Don't call me that! Listen to me. There are good people here. Innocent people. Think what will happen to Terra Nova if you go through with this. Oh, I know what's going to happen. They're going to come and take you off your throne and make you watch while they strip this place and take it for everything it's worth. Over my dead body. Um that's the spirit. Go down fighting for for a dream. Some Utopia, and all that's right and true! Open your eyes, old man! It's over! I beat you. I won. Soon you'll be on your knees, begging me for mercy. The next time we meet, I won't be alone. Lucas!

On the StreetEdit

She's all I have. And I just left her there. If she told you to go, then you had to do it. You did the right thing. Skye, we need you in the Infirmary right now.

In the InfirmaryEdit

Skye Mom! Bucket. Mom How did you do this? You have this man to thank. You remember Curran? The commander sent word to get your mother out of there and Curran came through. This is what the Sixers were giving her. They, they never told me what was in it. This is good, Skye. With Malcolm's help, we should be able to figure out what it is and make a synthetic copy. She's going to be okay. You hear that? We should let your mother sleep now. All right, you get some rest, get cleaned up. My office, first thing in the morning. Sir. Deborah. I'm mighty glad to see you. Skye Not now. Give him time.

On the StreetEdit

Any word on the team? Word from Wash is that the Sixers' camp is deserted. They move damn quick, I'll give Mira that. As soon as she realized that Curran had gotten Deborah out of there, she knew he'd tip us off to their location. Look, uh, I'm a little surprised you're allowing a murderer back in the colony. Curran killed a man, but today he saved a woman's life. I'm not going to pin a medal on his chest, but he's earned himself a second chance. You know most men don't get the opportunity to atone for their mistakes. Believe me, I know something about that. I made a big one, and from that day to this, my son has never let me forget it. Somalia? August 2138. Lucas's mother died because I couldn't save her. He's hated me from that moment on. You know what? Some nights most nights I don't blame him one bit. What happens now? Now we fight. Look, we've got to assume that Lucas made it through to 2149. The people who are behind him and the Sixers they're going to come at us hard and they're going to come at us soon. No matter what they're planning, the only way to get here is through Hope Plaza. That's right the 11th Pilgrimage is a few days away. Let's make sure we're ready.

At the Town CenterEdit

There's a chance that Lucas got caught when he arrived in Hope Plaza, right? Lucas Taylor is smart, Maddy. I don't think he'd leave something like that up to chance. He went back with a plan. What about all the people coming through on the 11th Pilgrimage? What's going to happen to Kara? All we can do is hope for the best. And prepare for the worst. None of you signed up for this fight, I know that. All you wanted was a second chance for yourselves and for your children. It pains me to have to ask more of you. Our home, our hope, is under attack, but I've seen your tenacity, your bravery. I've seen you carve out lives for yourselves in this harsh environment. I've seen you face untold dangers, and I'll tell you from my heart, there are no people that I would rather fight alongside. If we stand strong, shoulder to shoulder, we'll prevail!

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