Jason O'Mara in the pilot episode

We've been given basic plot and cast information, and seen a couple clips, but many of us still wonder how Terra Nova will actually play out. It depends on what type of person you are and what genre of television tickles your fancy, but we all have questions. Will there be dinosaurs in every episode? How much carnage will there be? How man fatalities? How much romance? How much drama? Mysteries? Shirtless hunks? Babes riding on pterodactyls?

Well, the man who plays protagonist Jim Shannon, Jason O'Mara, has taken it upon himself to answer some of these questions. I'm not usually into anything that comes close to spoilers, but Jason's words are reassuring, especially for fans of Jurassic Park, Sci-Fi, and carnage who are skeptical about tuning in. io9 has the full interview, but let me recap the highlights. Spoiler Alert.

  • There will be dinosaurs. There will be dinosaurs in every single episode. Rarr.
  • There will be blood. There will be carnage. Minor characters will get killed. One major character, who "you will have come to know, and hopefully love" will also be killed before the season's end.
  • There will be drama. Jim and Elisabeth Shannon will butt heads many times as they attempt to raise a family in this new world. There will also be a lot of tension between the settlers and their leader, Nathaniel Taylor.
  • There will be a great change at the end of season 1. A new batch of settlers will arrive at Terra Nova, joining the Tenth Pilgrimage. This means that if there's a season 2, the cast will be changed and built upon dramatically.

You can also check out this older interview with Jason O'Mara from WonderCon 2011. thumb|400px|left

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