Ok, so I'm starting to write a Terra Nova Fanfic right now. It's why I got so obsessed with knowing the size of the wall (and the colony) in my last post. So, I'm rewatching all the episodes. And there's a lot of continuity issues. Chief among them, Skye being THE Sixer spy.

The first and most obvious question was if she knew that Boylan had to go through the Sixers to get Kara to Terra Nova, why was she upset that he got mixed up with them?

I also noticed that in Nightfall, Skye wouldn't have known much, if anything, about the box and certainly shouldn't have known where it was hidden. That means that there has to be another Sixer spy that has either science and/or security access. My money (and it will be in my story) is on Private Dunham.

He's the one who happened to be looking in the exact right place that night to get Leah Marcos into the colony. He also sabotaged Skye's dragonfly, exposing her (and taking the heat off him).

I suppose we'll find out soon enough. Any thoughts?

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