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    Terra Nova Premieres TONIGHT

    September 26, 2011 by Kate.moon

    The wait is finally over! The highly anticipated Steven Spielberg Terra Nova is premiering tonight! FOX is super-sizing the premiere with a 2-hours premiere so get ready to see what 2149 looks like.

    Buddy TV! just released these fresh clips from the premiere with the Shannon family making their perilous journey, and what looks to be an early altercation between Commander Taylor and Jim.

    Are you excited yet?!

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  • Kate.moon

    While you're waiting for baited breath until Terra Nova premieres (don't miss its two-hour premiere on September 26th!), here's something to ease your cravings. There is an interactive Terra Nova Mobile truck coming to a city near you! Aptly titled "Journey to Terra Nova Mobile," the truck began its journey at Comic-Con in San Diego this year and will make its way across America until it hits New York City on September 24!

    Hitting a total of 23 cities, "Journey to Terra Nova" provides fans with tons of Terra Nova goodies! To find out if this awesome truck if coming to your city, check the tour calendar.

    I got to experience the truck personally in San Francisco today; the truck is fully equipped with its own green room where YOU can film a sc…

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  • Kate.moon

    It looks like certain lucky Wikians like Beastly14 got to attend the Terra Nova panel at Comic-Con! We are completely jealous, but for those who couldn't make it, check out his blog!

    We also have a great video of Stephen Lang discussing his character's role! We can't wait for the season to start and it sure sounds like the first viewing got rave reviews. The two-hour premiere will air on September 26 on FOX so don't miss it!

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  • Kate.moon

    With huge names and a huge budget, Terra Nova is pretty much slated to be the biggest sci-fi premiere of the season. To promote the buzz-worthy series, FOX just released a trio of noir-cool posters!

    Check out these cheeky posters, courtesy of TV Fanatic. The message seems pretty clear: don't poke the sleeping dinosaurs! Of course we all know they will...

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