I'm just a small-time YouTube Vlogger. I don't make many videos and those that I do make don't usually get a lot of hits; normally a couple of hundred.

Anyhow, I created a Vlog, back on January 15th 2012, simply discussing Terra Nova and my hopes for a 2nd Season. Back then I had no idea that the show would not get picked up by someone. That Video has had over 9000 hits and gained 66 comments so far, but there is a downside.

On YouTube, as many will know, there is the Like/Dislike buttons and while my video has gained 29 Likes, it has also got 14 Dislikes. That's a 2:1 split.




It could be that people just don't like my vlogging, so they have disliked the video, or it could be that some people stupidly expect my video to be some bootlegged version of Terra Nove Season 2, which would be nice, because at least it would mean that there is a Season 2!!!

Anyway, whatever the reason, the comments paint a different story. Of all the comments, only 1 or 2 are negative. The rest sing the praises of Season 1 and express the desire to see a season 2.

I really do hope that a studio, somewhere, see's the value in this series. The first season brought us a wonderful scenario, with interesting characters and an amazing concept. Clearly there are many, many more tales to tell and though it can be argued that Season 1 had closure, or sorts, it is obvious to everyone that there is definitely a lot more that could be done.

If you look back in the History of TV, how many series have been cancelled, only to be resurrected to go on to massive success?

  • The Original Star Trek - Cancelled are 3 seasons, only to spawn 7 movies, 4 additional TV series and the movies assiciated with them.
  • Family Guy - Cancelled in 2002, then brought back in 2005 after healthy DVD sales and still going strong in 2012
  • Futurama - Cancelled after 3 seasons, now back
  • JAG - Cancelled after 1st Season by NBC, then picked up by CBS and ran for
  • Moonlighting - cancelled after 1 season and brought back after a fan campaign
  • Cagney & Lacey - cancelled after 1 season and brought back after a fan campaign
  • Designing Women - cancelled after 1 season and brought back after a fan campaign
  • Baywatch - cancelled after 1 season and brought back Hasselhoff funded a successful sindication campaign

In the majority of cases, shows come back due to 1 of 3 factors.

  • Concerted, Large Fan Campaigns
  • Pick Ups by Other Networks
  • Big Success in Sindication/DVD

So folks, there's your to-do list. Get writing to FOX and the other Networks and watch every re-run you can. If and When DVD's arrive. buy them and if you have Netflex or one of the other on-demand services, watch the show there as well.

That's about it from me.

GirlyMand x

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