• Dino Buff

    The "real" Terra Nova world

    December 16, 2011 by Dino Buff

    After some looking around, I've found what I believe to be the closest time and place for the prehistoric world of Terra Nova, with paticular attention payed to the dinosaur species, types, and sizes. Terra Nova's dinosaur species seem to most closely resemble, believe it or not, Early Cretaceous England from around 130 to 125 m.y.a. There were Brachiosaurs (Pelorosaurus), spinosaurids like the Empirosaur though a good deal smaller (Baryonyx), coelurosaurs like the Ovasaurs (Aristosuchus), ankylosaurs (Polacanthus), even dromaeosaurs (a.k.a. raptors) probably similiar to the Nikos (currently labeled under Ornithodesmus). While there were no abelisaurs like Carnotaurus present, a carnivor of similar size was running around (the Neovenato…

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