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  • Beastly 14

    I'm in San Diego right now, in my hotel room, awaiting another amazing day with Terra Nova. The first screening was amazing! Although Jason O'mara wasn't there, Stephen Lang, "Slang", was there an did an amazing job. I have some photos of the screening:

    Although I missed the beginning, which made it kind of confusing, I still enjoyed the episode. A lot of the questions are answered and the Acceraptor part is phenomenal and, a little bit scary. I don't want to give away that much spoilers, so I'll describe the episode like this: It has several action sequences, a great car chase, shocking answers and realizations, and dinosaurs that, well, needed some more time put into their creation.

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  • Beastly 14

    Comic-Con Crash

    June 29, 2011 by Beastly 14

    Matias Arana's blog says Terra Nova's Comic-Con screening has been cancelled. Now this really makes me mad, because I was planning to go to San Diego on July 19th, and see Terra Nova's Pilot at Comic-Con on the 23th. So, anyone who is also mad, I feel your pain.

    Wait! Matias has just told me that his blog was posted last year! I don't know how I thought that was from 2011, so my San Diego vacation is still on! Folks, if you're dying to see that panel and Terra Nova's Pilot, go to San Diego!!!!!!!!!

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  • Beastly 14

    Yep, more spoilers! I got ahold of some wicked Slasher pictures:

    And here it confirms Terra Nova's premiere date and time! Get ready for the wildest ride of your life


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