Terra Nova fireworks

Three years ago on this day, September 26, the first episode of Terra Nova was released. I remember that moment well. As long as I could remember, the dinosaur genre was dominated by Jurassic Park and Primeval. This was finally something new and fresh. Unlike Jurassic Park, Terra Nova had a premise that allowed many sequels for the years to come.

Three years later, things could not be more grim. FOX has send its soldiers into the Terra Nova sets and destroyed them. All Terra Nova props have been sold. FOX has also taken all Terra Nova sites and YouTube videos offline. Even the Terra Nova fans become silent. The TN podcast has stopped. The other Terra Nova Wiki and Fanon Wiki are offline now. As all lights go out, I like to think this wiki is Terra Nova's last stand. I hope more fans will join us and save Terra Nova from oblivion.

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