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With the release of Jurassic World last June, dinosaurs are back on the minds of the people around the globe. At July 1st TVLine interviewed actor Jason O'Mara about his show Complications. They couldn't help to ask O'Mara about his own Jurassic series Terra Nova.[1]

O'Mara told TVLine that his son loved Jurassic World.

My son has always liked dinosaurs but his interest recently
has been piqued, to say the least. He’s seen Jurassic World 
twice now — I took him the second time — and wants to go 
again. To his generation, it’s every bit as good as 
Jurassic Park, despite the snobbiness of those of us old 
enough to have seen the original on the big screen back in 
’93. I mean, he hasn’t been this into dinos since 
Terra Nova was on![1]

About what could have saved Terra Nova O'Mara said hindsight isn't worth much and he does not spend much time thinking about “what ifs.” However, O'Mara and the interviewer couldn't help but think of a few things that could have saved the series.

First of all, Terra Nova was not released at the best moment. There was no real interest in dinosaurs back in 2011; when the show aired. O'Mara said that if the show aired during "a pop cultural [dinosaur] wave", for example the dino hype of the 90s or now in the aftermath of Jurassic World, it "might even have yielded more episodes."

A few years ago I wrote a blog were I pointed out that ever since the year 2000 not a single dinosaur film, series, video game or novel was published that became a success. I argued that in the American popular culture a period of total lack of interest in dinosaurs started in 2000; a dino crisis. I argued that the failure of Terra Nova, and any other dinosaur media from the 2000s and 2010s, could be explained by the fact that there was no interest in dinosaurs. I see a vindication for my hypothesis in O'mara's comments.
The 100 Pilot

Forest from the The 100.

Another thing that could have saved Terra Nova was cutting its cost. Creating the pilot episode alone had cost $20 million. It was FOX's most expensive series. The main reason for these high costs were its shooting location. It was shot in the Gold Coast, Queensland. When the pilot was shot in the fall of 2010, heavy rainfalls terrorized the film crew.

O'Mara said they could have shot the first season at a more cheaper location.

My wife (Paige Turco)’s series The 100 has achieved 
spectacular things visually, without leaving the mountains of Vancouver. 
Perhaps if we had shot Terra Nova for less [money] there instead of Australia, 
it could’ve made the difference? Who knows.[1]
Jason TN Tweets

Tweets about Terra Nova.

Jason O'Mara said many new fans of the show still pop up and ask him about the show:

I do get a kick out of people on Twitter asking me if there
will ever be a second season; I wish I could say yes. Some 
people even ask me why I cancelled it! As if I had that 
kind of power![1]

Finally, Terra Nova could have been saved if it had more viewers and the outcry against its cancellation had been bigger.

I guess some people have found the show on Netflix and don’t understand why it 
abruptly stops. I’m like, “I wish you watched it on TV when the ratings counted!”
They could have even sent plastic dinos to Fox along with the other fans. 
But these days, nobody wants to part with their plastic dino toys. 
The kids are too busy playing with them![1]

It was good to hear anyone talking about Terra Nova again. I hope that the new dino hype that Jurassic World created will ignite interest in the show again. At least NetflixLife recommended people that had watched Jurassic World to watch Terra Nova on Netflix "to help satisfy your prehistoric fix".[2]


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