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After FOX decided to cancel Terra Nova (2012) they gave fans the files to create their own ending for the show in the form of a motion comic.

I didn't thought much of it at the time. However, this September 26 will mark the 4th anniversary of the show. A fanmade comic will be the closest thing to a new TN episode I am gonna get.

With that in mind, I have tried to create a Terra Nova comic since last year. I bought the Terra Nova DVD back in 2012. It came with an activation code to download the Terra Nova Files from I had downloaded it at the time but lost it.

In 2013 FOX took ALL Terra Nova pages offline; even the YouTube videos (WHY???!!!). So I could no longer download the files. I turned the www inside out to see if I could download it anywhere. It turned out that not a single TN fan could be bothered to put the comic files on the internet. I think was taken offline because NO-ONE used it. I asked the few YouTubers who had actually created Terra Nova videos if they could share their files with me. No response.


During the fall I mailed FOX if they could send me the files by mail if I showed them my activation code. The only response I got was that the site was taken down. >:(

This summer, with September 26 coming nearer I got into my annual Terra Nova mood. I asked all those YouTubers again if they still had those files and if they could share it with me. FINALLY one of them responded and sended me the files.

I haven't seen any new Terra Nova media in years. So looking at all those pictures and sound files was heaven for me. I have uploaded all the pictures onto the wiki (propbably the only fan who did this). I want to create multiple articles about the events in the comic pictures.

Now I only have to buy a decent set of video editing software and then I can create my own pre/mid/sequels to Terra Nova!

So, I have learned that if I want something very badly and keep searching and asking, I will get it if I'm patient.

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