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  • BastionMonk

    September 26 this year marks the 5 year anniversary of Terra Nova. I think it would be nice if fans did something to celebrate the occasion. Fans of other franchises have special days dedicated to their favourite franchise. Examples are: , , Jurassic June and .

    The existence and observance of these "holydays" is a telltale sign of how alive/dedicated the respective fanbases are. We are quite dedicated fans of the show. Therefore, I think it would be a good idea to encourage each other to not let September 26 go by unnoticed.

    I would like to use this thread to gather ideas for how to celebrate September 26. I will list here what I did last year.

    Whatch Terra Nova media when it aired:

    • I look every day at the Countdown to Terra Nova article to see what…

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  • BastionMonk

    Actor Jason O'Mara, who played Jim Shannon in Terra Nova, was interviewed by Sidewalks Entertainment last year. The video containing the interview was uploaded on August 22, 2015. However, it never showed it when I was looking for news about this show.

    I will summarize the most interesting parts of the interview.

    Terra Nova's cancellation and aftermath:

    "I have always thought that [...] it was cancelled too soon. I felt like we were just kind of getting with the story and it was stopped. It seems like one of those shows that seems to go on to have this other life after it aired, you know, people are finding it on other platforms on the internet and other places."

    Will there be a season 2 or continuation movie?

    "All I can say is... I hope it happ…

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  • BastionMonk

    After FOX decided to cancel Terra Nova (2012) they gave fans the files to create their own ending for the show in the form of a motion comic.

    I didn't thought much of it at the time. However, this September 26 will mark the 4th anniversary of the show. A fanmade comic will be the closest thing to a new TN episode I am gonna get.

    With that in mind, I have tried to create a Terra Nova comic since last year. I bought the Terra Nova DVD back in 2012. It came with an activation code to download the Terra Nova Files from I had downloaded it at the time but lost it.

    In 2013 FOX took ALL Terra Nova pages offline; even the YouTube videos (WHY???!!!). So I could no longer download the files. I turned the www inside out to see if I c…

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  • BastionMonk

    With the release of Jurassic World last June, dinosaurs are back on the minds of the people around the globe. At July 1st interviewed actor Jason O'Mara about his show '. They couldn't help to ask O'Mara about his own Jurassic series Terra Nova.

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  • BastionMonk

    Three years of Terra Nova

    September 26, 2014 by BastionMonk

    Three years ago on this day, September 26, the first episode of Terra Nova was released. I remember that moment well. As long as I could remember, the dinosaur genre was dominated by Jurassic Park and Primeval. This was finally something new and fresh. Unlike Jurassic Park, Terra Nova had a premise that allowed many sequels for the years to come.

    Three years later, things could not be more grim. FOX has send its soldiers into the Terra Nova sets and destroyed them. All Terra Nova props have been sold. FOX has also taken all Terra Nova sites and YouTube videos offline. Even the Terra Nova fans become silent. The TN podcast has stopped. The other Terra Nova Wiki and Fanon Wiki are offline now. As all lights go out, I like to think this wiki is Terra Nova'…

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