The United States of America is a country on Earth. The United States was home to the Time Portal to Terra Nova, in the city of Chicago, Illinois.


From space, the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, as well as the Great Lakes, can be seen. Much of the United States and the rest of North America was shown covered by thick clouds of smog from its enormous cities. The cities of Boston, New York and Detroit were mentioned. The outskirts of American cities like Chicago have become barren desert/dustbowls, spreading dust into the air of the cities.


The USA struggles with overpopulation. For example, the population of New York reached 36 million in 2149.[1] Meanwhile, unemployment has reached 70%[2], millions of unemployed living off the chronically underfunded food distribution centers[3] and thousands of Americans try to sneak into India every year for work.[4]

In order to diminish the humanitarian crisis, the government has enforced birth control laws. Austerity measures were also taken, drinking water testing facilities were closed throughout North America[5] and aid workers will not flow into devastated regions.[6]

In 2149 researchers at MIT predicted that North America could no longer sustain human life by the year 2182. The government started a large scale evacuation plan.[7]


Around the year 2138, the United States sent Nathaniel Taylor and other military forces to Somalia to dispose of an aparant warlord testing dangerous bioweapons on his own people.

Mira was apparently connected with a group that once plotted to rebel against the Government. For this, she was arrested by the Army and imprisoned.


  • As of 2147, an American flag was still embedded on the Moon, unchanged after 178 years since the Apollo 11 Mission back in 1969.
  • The 44th President, Barack Obama, as well as the Capitol Building, appear on the country's currency's 1000 dollar bill.
  • Baseball was still a popular sport, as Josh Shannon had a Cubs Baseball Cap.



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