• In reality, Triceratops fossils have only been found dating back to between 68 and 65 millions years ago, almost 20 million years after the time that Terra Nova is set.
  • Also, Triceratops fossils are only known from North America, while Carnotaurus is only known from South America. See the Science & Speculation section of the Ankylosaurus article for a discussion of how it might be possible to rationalize a mix of North American and South American species in Terra Nova in terms of a land bridge which is thought to have existed between the continents in the Late Cretaceous.
  • The baby Triceratops skeleton seen in Malcolm's lab in unrealistic, since a real baby would not have had such developed horns and shield--a reconstructed version of a real baby Triceratops skull can be found on this page.
It could also be a model, just for decoration or demonstration purposes.
  • It is possible that the Triceratops out side of Tom Boylan's bar is a cast and just for decoration.
  • Triceratops is from the Latest Cretaceous 68-65 MYA, but if the portals are a natural occurance they must show up on a regular basis than the Triceroptops could have come through a portal from 65 MYA to 85 MYA.

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