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Corporal Reilly? - Yeah? Do we have any patrols running perimeter tonight? Not that I'm aware of. Why? Because I think I've got something. You always got something. No, this is definitely something. Red read. Warm blood. I think it's human. Gotta be a Sixer. If there's one, there's bound to be more. Better get Wash on the line.

There! Go, go, go! Dunham, go around. Go! There. Biker One, coming your way.

This won't hurt a bit. Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! - Calm down, all right?! - Nobody's gonna hurt you! Wash? Where is she? She is right over there. - She's here? - Yeah. Hi. She's terrified. I need to get everybody out of here and just clear some space for us, all right? That includes you. Understood, but I want to talk to her, Doc. Okay, just give me a few minutes alone with her, all right? Hey, little one, don't be frightened. No one's gonna hurt you. I'm Dr. Shannon. Do you know where you are? Under a table. Sorry about my colleagues. I don't think they meant to scare you. They want to give me a shot. Don't like shots. Do you have a name? If I tell you, can I go? Perhaps. Once I've taken a look at you. Why don't you come out here and talk to me? No. Okay. What if I promised no shots, just this? It's just a light. Won't hurt you. Look. Would you come out then, yeah? Okay. Okay. I lost my bag. In the jungle? They were chasing me, and I dropped it. Don't like chases. Well, that's okay. We can get somebody to go look for your bag. So, you gonna tell me your name? Leah Marcos. So, do you have somebody waiting for you back at home or camp? What about your mother? Dead. Pleural sar

Pleural sarcoma? I'm sorry. And your father?

Slasher got him. Mira says it happens sometimes. Anybody hungry? Been awhile since you've eaten? Only get scraps. That's why I ran away. I'm gonna stay with my nana. She always had a lot of food. Does Nana live in Terra Nova? apartment C, district ten, New Texas. I tried to find the portal, but I got turned around backwards. Which way is it? Finish your food. We'll talk about it later. Taylor here. Talk to me. Perimeter is clear, over. Copy that. Taylor out. Commander Taylor? That's would be me. You're the bad man. You know, I remember you. Marcos. Leah Marcos. Been a long time since I've seen you. Last time I saw you, you were just about that big. You were just a peanut. I grew. So you did. You know, there was a time when I knew everybody's name man, woman and peanut. You got a brother, right? Sam.

Well, her BMI is lower than I'd like it to be, and I'd like to get some more fluids in her, but she's generally healthy.

I'm going now.

- Leah! - Whoa! - Hold on there, kiddo. - It's okay, Leah, Leah. This is my husband, right? This is Jim. It's okay. You're all right, okay? Listen, Leah, we got something we need to tell you. I need you to listen to me carefully, Leah, okay? You know the portal? It doesn't go both ways. What? Once you come through, you can't go back. You're lying! I'm sorry, sweetheart. So I can't go see my grandma? No, I'm afraid you can't. Where do I go now? I can't stay here, not with the bad man. And I can't go back to Mira's. She'll she'll hurt me for running away. That is one tough young lady. Imagine that, humping through the jungle on her own from God knows where. It's amazing she made it as far as she did. You know, this could turn out to be a very good thing for us. How do you mean? Oh, we need intel on the Sixers. Where is it they hide out? Who's their inside man here in Terra Nova? But she's just a kid. I mean, how much could she really know? Well, we won't know anything till we gain her trust, make her feel at home. How's she doing? You know, she's still upset, but I think I managed to calm her down. You do seem to have that effect on her. You know, till we find her a permanent place to live, she's gonna need somewhere to stay. Well, she can stay with us. Right, Jim? Elisabeth? So, what, our family's six now? Come on. She can have Josh's room. He'll be fine on the couch for a while. It's settled then. Very good.

Why do I have to give up my room? Because Zoe's six and I'm a girl, Josh. What does that have to do with anything? - Okay, shush. That's them. - Be nice. Hey, everyone. Hey. Josh, come here. Hey. Everyone, this is Leah Marcos. Leah, this is our son, Josh. Hello. Welcome. And this is our eldest daughter, Maddy. She's gonna be starting an apprenticeship at the infirmary with me tomorrow. Hi. And this is our youngest, Zoe. You know, Zoe's got a plant that eats bugs, and in her spare time, she makes these toy dinosaurs. Pretty cool, huh? Well, uh, bathroom's through there. And the kitchen's over there, in case you get hungry again. Um, do you want to see where you're gonna sleep? Enough blankets, I think. It's okay. It's only light. Here, make the bed up. We should probably let her sleep. Yeah, okay.

I don't even know what the kid's bag is supposed to look like. My guess? Dirty. Hey, found it! Give it here. Cute. Come on! Still doing Taylor's dirty work. What have you done with her?

How'd Leah sleep last night? Oh, she was out cold for 14 hours. And she refused to take a shower. Apparently, she's afraid of hot water. Oh, nice. Maybe can we trade. Leah can stay with us and Maddy can move in with the Sixers. More hot showers for everyone. Sounds like a win-win to me. Good morning. I think yellow's your color. Don't like yellow. Itches. Okay. Breakfast? What about the hair, Maddy? Baby steps, Mom. She threw a brush at me. Oh. Jim, can you look after the girls today? No. Gotta go see Taylor. A few things he wants to talk about. Shouldn't take long. But I've got Maddy with me at the hospital all day. - Okay. Uh, Josh? - Yeah? Need you to babysit Leah and Zoe till I get back. Few hours tops. What am I supposed to do with them? Think of something. Have fun! So

Okay, what do we have here? Rajiv Swarup, Laceration to his right arm. They gave me something for the pain. It still hurts like a son of Let's take a look. Okay How'd this happen? The autoplow jammed up. I tried to fix it. The next thing you know, my arm's sausage. Ooh, Maddy, come take a look at this. Uh, that's okay. I'll just stand over here and observe from over here. Last little bit. It's okay.

So that's probably right into the I sent Washington out at dawn to look for the girl's bag. Thought maybe it'd buy us some good will. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Morning, Trace. Thank you. How soon is too soon to start a debriefing? Today, tomorrow? Might want to give her a little more time than that. - I'll discuss it - with Elisabeth. - All right. Sixers! Sixers! Sound the alarm! To your posts! They've come for me. Hey, you're safe here, Leah. No one gets through the gates unless Taylor says so. They've come for the girl. Whoever they got on the inside tipped them she's here. Raise the gate. You got a spare one of those? Thanks. So? You have something that belongs to me. I want her back. Is that why you abducted my people? Just returning the favor, Taylor. The girl came to us. I don't believe you. I think your people took her. I think she's being held as your prisoner. I think we both know that's not true. You want your people back, give me the girl. This is not a negotiation. The girl will decide her own fate. If she wants to leave with you, she's free to go. Then bring her out here and let's find out. As soon as you release my people. Let them go. What? I said let them go. Shannon, bring the girl out here.

Dad came and got Leah.

What? Mira wants to talk to her. Okay, look after your sister. - But, Mom! - Just do it, Maddy. Come on.

Just tell the truth Leah. It'll be okay. Leah, look at me. Tell them you want to come home. Speak! I ran away. I'm not going back with you. I want to stay here. She's made her decision. The girl stays. Keep her then. She's nothing to me. This is the second time you've come to my gates and threatened the colony. There won't be a third. Next time I'm going to war.

I want a list of everybody who was outside the gates from the time she got here till 0900 this morning. Sometime in that the spy must have got in contact with the Sixers. - Let's find him. - Okay. And you, hey, peanut, did great out there. You weren't even scared, were you? No, I could see that you weren't. You looked like you might even throw a punch or something. Thought I'd have to hold you back. Hey, let's see what you got, huh? Come on. Let me have it. Whack him. Ow! I knew it. That is a mean right hand you've got there. Lethal. So keep practicing. When you turn 18, I'm might have to put you in uniform. I like uniforms. Look, I know you've heard some pretty terrible things about me and I don't know how life is out there with the Sixers, but, Leah, take a look around. People are happy here. They're safe. Everybody's got a home and nobody gets scraps. I don't like scraps. We move all the time. I don't like that either. - Where do you move to? - Lots of places. Mira never lets us stay in the same place for very long. Mmm. You know how to read a map? I like maps. My dad taught me how to read them. Before the slasher ate him. Yeah. I tell you what. Maybe after you get settled in, you and I can sit down, take a look at some of the places you've stayed. Maybe you can show me where your camp is. Deal? Ow! All right, I'm gonna leave you in good hands. I need that list. Come on. Hey! Hello, there. Do you remember me? 'Cause I remember you. Little Leah Marcos. Not so little anymore. You know, I never forget a name or a face, but somewhere along the line, I forgot my legs. So if you happen to see 'em walking around without me, could you tell 'em I'm looking for 'em? Hey welcome back to Terra Nova, Leah Marcos. - Welcome back. - Welcome!

To Leah Marcos. To coming home. Cheers. Really. Hey, maybe tomorrow we can put a comb through your hair, you think? Don't like combs. Okay. You guys should have seen Maddy on her first day in the infirmary. She did a great job. Yeah, well, all I really did was reorganize your storage locker and told you a patient's name. Well No, to my oldest daughter. the next doctor in the Shannon family. Hear, hear. Cheers.

So how's the mole hunt going, Shannon? Give me an update. Okay, there was a team outside the gates doing some perimeter mine repair from 0630 to about noon: Michelle Toomey and, uh, Nhat Trang? No, I know 'em both. Good solid citizens. Nothing there. Okay, and Science Division had somebody out following up on a field study. They took the CSO's rover; Robert Stanley. Stanley? Did he go out alone? Yeah. Let's talk to him. Why him? He came in on the Sixth Pilgrimage, but he didn't leave with Mira. Only about half of 'em did. We investigated those who stayed, but we couldn't find any connection to the Sixers. Maybe we missed something with Stanley.

But I thought we'd been over this. And we'll keep going over it till I say otherwise. I was completing my field study on wax moss. This I don't care about your field study. Talk to me about the Sixers. I don't know anything about the Sixers. Well, you made a radio transmission at 1100 hours yesterday. Who were you contacting? The lab, to let them know I'd be late. Uh-huh. - Hey, Commander. What brings you out here? Somebody tipped the Sixers off about the girl. And you think it was Rob? You can't be serious. I thought I'd ask a few questions, yes. And do you have any actual evidence against him? Enough to take him into custody? You his lawyer now? No. Funny enough, we don't have any of those around here, do we? Tread carefully, Malcolm. No, I don't think I will. This is guilt by association. So what if he came over on the Sixth? A lot of people did who have nothing to do with Mira. Like the commander said, we're just asking a few questions. Relax. Yeah, and that's what they said to my father at the Edinburgh Hearings of 2119. "Just asking questions." That's how it starts, Jim. Get off your high horse, will you, Malcolm? You're right Rob? When did you get up here? Don't be nervous.

It's just a small test to see what grade level you'll do best in, and then, Monday, you can start school. Sounds fun, right? Don't worry. Jim will be by in a couple of hours to pick you up. Okay? Thank you. Bye. Aw. She's so cute. Remember your first day at school? You couldn't wait to get there. Yeah, I loved it. Not gonna lie. That's my gal.

I'll, uh, catch up with you. Mr. Shannon. Hey. I I was hoping to talk to you about your daughter, Maddy. What about her? Well, as you know, I've begun the initial stages of courting Maddy, and I was wondering - if I could - Excuse me, Reynolds. You are aware that I carry a gun, have a quick temper and tend to hold grudges, right? Shannon. We had a break-in at the McMillen place. Pod D-26. Let's move.

So I've been at work all day. Came home and found the place broken into. And then this. What was inside? I don't know. I didn't even know there was a hole here. Could you, uh, give us a minute? Yeah, sure. Thanks. We need to find out who lived here before the McMillens. See if they know anything about what was buried under the floor. - That's going to be tough. - Why? This used to be Mira's old place. We need to find Leah right now.

Hey. What's going on here, kiddo? What did you take from that couple's house, Leah? Leah! Stop! Stop! It's okay. It's okay. Give me the bag. There's nowhere to run.

No doubt about it, Commander. Mira sent her to infiltrate Terra Nova. She's been lying to us the whole time. It was theater, more or less. Mira played me. She knew I'd let the kid in. Knew I'd believe her story. Knew I wouldn't send her away, especially if the Sixers made a show of trying to get her back. She's the perfect spy. Young enough to be sympathetic, but old enough to be capable. First chance she got, she broke into that house and grabbed this container or whatever thing this is. Does it open? Sealed shut, no visible seams. Sounds like it's hollow. Ask her how to open it. She might not know. Might not tell us even if she does know. Bring her in. Have a seat, kiddo. Hey. I'm not going to ask you why you did what you did, but the commander and I have a job to do, and we need you to answer a few questions. We need you to be honest. You understand? Young lady, look at me. You know what this is? Is it a weapon? Leah. No more lies now, okay? What's in there? Why does Mira want it? I don't know. Mira didn't say. She just told me to get it, so I did. Leah, why? Why all the lies? Because Mira's got my brother. And she said she was going to hurt him if I didn't steal back that box. I'm telling the truth. Take her to Pod Zero. Please! I have to bring that box back to Mira, or she'll hurt my brother. She'll hurt Sam. Please! We're going to detain her till we figure out exactly what's going on here.

Fascinating. Oh. Maddy. Maddy, come and take a look at this. That's okay. I'm good over here. Well, you can't learn anything from over there. Come and look. It's a vesiculopustular sion. Very common in warm, humid climate No.

Something on your mind? What if she's telling the truth about her brother? I mean, we we should send a few people to check it out just in case. I'm not going to expend colony resources on a hunch. Mira might have planned this, too. You'd be walking right into an ambush. But if there's a kid out there that's being hurt "If. " If I had some proof, that would be one thing. I got the word of a little girl who managed to deceive me and every damn person in this colony. I know that, but, Commander The answer is no. That's an order. Let it go. You got a wife, kids. Go home.

You think Mira would really hurt her little brother? There's no way to know if she's telling the truth about anything now. I'm going to go for a walk. Not such a great day in the infirmary today. Aw. Did the overachiever just kind of sort of achieve? Instead of open-heart surgery, she could only do an appendectomy? - Josh. - Hmm? Stop talking. At least I get my room back. Hey. Don't beat yourself up. Leah let us down. You did everything right. I know. I just thought I was a better judge of character, you know? Well, I thought I was, too. I don't like people taking advantage of my family. Mom, Dad. Look what Leah left. "I'm sorry. I had to." So she wasn't lying about her brother. Which means he really is in danger.

Maddy. - Hey. - Hey. Are you doing anything right now? Yeah, I'm just picking up a few things. Uh, I wanted to talk to you about something. Uh I, um Thank you. I want to declare my intentions for you, Maddy Shannon. You want to do what to me? Uh To court you. Court? You mean, like like, date? Yes. Why didn't you just say that? Uh, because that's not how it's done. According to the commander, I have to address you in a certain way, and then speak with your father, and then call at your house, and then have the honor of escorting you to a planned activity or event outside the home that might please you. People used to do it this way. Well, technically, they will do it that way. You know, in the future. But then again, they'll also wear corsets. So may I have the honor? Yes. Yes, you may. Awesome. - Yeah? - Yeah. 'Cause I was just having the worst day ever. Well, tell me about it. Well, where should I start? The part where I almost puked on a patient in front of my mother? Or the part where Leah just, you know Start at the beginning. I have time.


Oh, crap.

You're the new cop. Where am I? Did Taylor send you? I came for Leah's brother. She said you were gonna hurt him. And you believed her? She only lied when she had to. The boy was never in danger. I just needed to motivate her. To get her to do what I knew she could. What's in the box that's so important? Right up here in the canopy, huh? No wonder Taylor can't find you. I hear he's taken quite a shine to you. Have to say, I'm surprised, considering the way you snuck into his colony. You sure know a lot about what goes on inside of Terra Nova. Almost makes me think, uh-- ooh, I don't know-- you got yourself a spy or something. Maybe I'm psychic. Maybe. Maybe you should've had your spy get the box for you instead of sending a little girl. Or did you not want to risk exposing whoever it is? I can see why Taylor values you so much. Oh. Yeah. Well, that's 'cause I-I got to save his life once. It was thanks to you, as a matter of fact. You know, in a way, I'm glad you did. Carter would've killed him, that would've made a martyr of him. Which would only make my job harder. And what is your job? Taylor's pissed off some very powerful people back in 2149. They want him gone. Gone? If it wasn't for Taylor, Terra Nova wouldn't have lasted as long as it has. If the colony survives - Everybody knows that. - Oh, come on, Shannon, don't tell me you believe in all that "starting over" crap! That's not what Terra Nova's about. Not now, not ever. Then what's Terra Nova really about? You'll see. But you don't want to be on the wrong side of history, Shannon. Be smart. Do what's right for your family. 'Cause sooner or later, we're going to take Taylor down. Why? What does it get you? It gets me my family. I have a daughter back in 2149. Sienna. She was four when I left. I do my job they make sure I get to see her again. Who's they? You're free to go. Wait.

Leah! Sam! It's gonna be okay. Gonna be okay.

I ought to run you out of town for disobeying an order, Shannon. Yeah, but what the hell. You reunited a family. Terra Nova just officially grew by two. How'd you make it out of there with the boy? Uh, Mira let us go. Now, that doesn't sound like Mira. Doesn't sound like her at all. I think she was trying to prove something. Like maybe the Sixers aren't so bad. Were you convinced? I might've been, if they hadn't have busted up my ribs. She say anything I should know about? Well, she's not a fan of yours. I meant something I don't already know. I sure as hell would like to know what's in that box she sent the kid here to steal. No luck getting it open, huh? Go get yourself bandaged up. Let your wife know you ain't dead.

Oh, if I had a Terra for every time I've had to put you back together You're making me sound like Humpty Dumpty. You know, I married a doctor for a reason. Hey. You did good. Yeah? Ow. Sorry. Sorry. You know, Leah's going to be all right because of you. Well, there's, um, there's a lady from the Third Pilgrimage who's interested in taking Leah on long-term. Lost her husband a few years back. Well, hopefully there's room for two. Hmm. Hey, where's Maddy? Oh. Well, to save her nerves and her stomach, I released her from her apprenticeship. Oh. Yeah, I don't think the reality of being a doctor quite lived up to her romance of it. Mm. More blood and guts in the real world.

Sorry to say I haven't the foggiest idea how to get it open. Tried everything. Well, keep trying. Mira went a long way to get whatever's inside the damn thing. Sooner or later, she'll make another play. Keep it safe.

Hey. Someone wants to talk with you. You know what I heard? I heard the lady that you're going to be staying with is super nice. So use your

Thank you.

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