The Fox Broadcasting Company launched a campaign in 2011 to promote the show Terra Nova in Brazil.

Dinosaur hand dryers Edit


Dinosaur hand dryers.

Hand dryers in the shape of Tyrannosaurus heads, were placed in the bathrooms in bars and restaurants in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The idea behind the dryers was to let people experience the atmosphere of the series in a realistic way and at the same time very simple: when people shove their hand inside the dinosaur's mouth experience and feel its warm breath, they experience what it's like getting face to face with a prehistoric animal. The dinosaur dryers where designed by the Z+ advertising agency.[1]

In São Paulo, the hand dryers were installed in the pizzerias of Piola and Bro's and the Patriarca bars in Vila Madalena. In Rio de Janeiro, the dryers were placed in the bar and restaurant Hipodromo. The special dryers remained in the bathrooms from October until the end of November 2011.[1]

Brachiosaurus in the zoo Edit

Lançamento da série Terra Nova, da Fox01:38

Lançamento da série Terra Nova, da Fox.

Making of video.

A life-size model of Brachiosaurus was placed in a lake of the São Paulo Zoo. Since only the neck and head would appear above the water's surface, only that part was created. The neck was placed upon a platform that could move the neck around in the lake; like the dinosaur was swimming. The length of the complete structure was 14 meters. The Brachiosaurus was created by the artist Eduardo Srur from metal and plastic.[2]


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