FOX wanted an application by which to leverage viewers’ use of a secondary screen during their programing as well as share content from the programs through social media.

Giles McGrath, from the Infusion agency, was contracted to create a second screen app with these two functions.[1] A third execution leverages Facebook Connect to populate pre-made content with the photos, names and information made available on the user’s Facebook page. Pictures show that the app was designed to work with the show Terra Nova.

For unknown reasons, the app was never fully developed.[2] The Terra Nova Companion App was the second screen app that FOX released.It is unknown if there is a link between the Companion and Infusion apps. What follows is a description of the functions the Infusion app would have had.

FOX Points of InterestEdit

When users were watching an episode of Terra Nova, some periods would be marked as "FOX Points of Interest". The app enabled users to photograph their screen and unlock content. An example of such a period was the scene where Skye and Josh were watching the strange markings on the rocks at the Snakehead Falls. The rock markings could be scanned on a secondary device and a clue could be unlocked.

Share clipsEdit

A second execution enabled users to create and share short clips of the Terra Nova episodes. A user could create a custom 30 second clip without having to either go onto YouTube or Vimeo to find their desired sharable clip.


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  2. The FOX App is not mentioned anywhere outside this site. Pictures do not show a fully developed app. For example, text fields still contain the Lorem ipsum filler text.

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