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Skye Tate
Actor Allison Miller
First Seen "Genesis"
Name Skye Alexandria Tate
Status Living
Family Deborah Tate (mother; infected with Sincyllic Fever)
Father (deceased)
Nathaniel Taylor (legal guardian)
Job Unknown

Skye Alexandria Tate (nicknamed "Bucket" by her family) is a teenager and veteran resident of Terra Nova who came on the Fifth Pilgrimage. She is very friendly and helpful toward others, but does have an adventurous side.

Her father was a corporal under Nathaniel Taylor, but her parents are alleged to have died of Sincyllic Fever. She was then taken care of by Taylor. Best friends with Josh Shannon, she guides him through the new world.


Before Terra NovaEdit

Skye's father was in the army and she wanted to grow up to be just like him. She would often dress up like him by wearing a bucket on her head and prancing around thus earning her the affectionate nickname, "Bucket".

At Terra NovaEdit


Skye showing how to crack open a sugar apple

Skye arrived on the Fifth Pilgrimage and spent the later years of her childhood at Terra Nova. There was an outbreak of Sincyllic Fever approximately three years before the current timeline. Skye's father died from it during that outbreak and her mom caught it as well. Her mom was moved to the Sixers' camp as they are the only ones with medicine, and Nathaniel Taylor became her guardian.

As a teenager, Skye lives in a house with Tasha, Max and Hunter. Together they are rather rebellious, and aren't afraid to go "outside the gates" of the Colony.

She met Josh Shannon for the first time at the market shortly after he arrived on the Tenth Pilgrimage, and the two quickly became attracted to each other.

Skye has a medical internship with Josh's mother, Elisabeth Shannon.

It is revealed that Skye is the Sixers' spy and the Sixers are holding her mother, alive but still sick from Sincyllic Fever, as leverage as they are the only ones with the medicine. ("Now You See Me")


Skye is a thrill-seeker and doesn't mind living life on the edge. She is a natural leader and is good at taking charge and making decisions under stress, to which she credits these attributes to her father,

Skye can also be independent, but still turns to Taylor for guidance. (Genesis)

Despite her mental and physical toughness, Skye misses having a family and the connections they can bring. She became very jealous of seeing Josh's parents worried about his well-being, and when they showed affection towards each other. She later scolded Josh after he was complaining about his father, even though the two act very alike, however, she finds herself having a mother-daughter type of bond with Josh's mom.


Josh ShannonEdit

Skye has an affectionate and close relationship with Josh, who is, without a doubt, one of her best friends. She first meets him after his arrival to Terra Nova and she had seemed rather eager to show him around. The two took a real liking to each other and quickly began spending a lot of time together, in and outside of the colony. When they eventually shared their first kiss, Josh reluctantly admitted that he still had feelings for his girlfriend, Kara, in 2149. Skye then agreed to help Josh get Kara to Terra Nova. After Kara's death, Skye and Josh can finally be together.

Nathaniel TaylorEdit

Taylor is Skye's legal guardian and the two have a mutual respect for one another and love each other deeply. She tries her hardest not to disappoint or anger him, but when she disobeys the laws of the colony, he seemed disappointed and indifferent towards her. Skye regrettably lied to Taylor about venturing near The Falls, the area that is off-limits to The People of Terra Nova. However, when he replied "good" in reference to her lie, it was then indicated that they were both hiding something. Their relationship is temporarily broken when Skye is revealed to be the Sixers' spy and Taylor's trust for her diminishes, to the point where he distant himself from her, leaving her heartbroken. However, she wins him back by saving his life from Lucas, who had managed to wound him and was attempting to kill him, but Skye shoots Lucas twice in the chest.

Deborah TateEdit

Skye loves her mother, Deborah, passionately, and when her mother fell victim to the Sincyllic Fever, Skye took her to the Sixers' camp. Because the Sixers were the only ones with a cure, Skye reluctantly agreed to be a spy for them, inside Terra Nova, but warned, that if anything happens to her mother, she is through with spying. Eventually, Deborah was saved and brought to Terra Nova to live with her daughter.

Lucas TaylorEdit

Skye doesn't like Lucas very much, mainly because of his brutality, but he has a strong affection for her, which inevitably leads her to grow an affection for him. She tries to help him let go of his hatred for his father and move on in his life, so that he does not end up dying all alone. She believes that he has a good heart and that there is still good deep inside him. When Josh attacks Lucas because he thought that Lucas was trying to hurt her, she begs him not to kill Josh and so he spares Josh's life. Later on, Skye was forced to shoot Lucas in order to prevent him from killing Taylor, but he supposedly survived.

Hunter BoyceEdit

Skye and Hunter both came on the Fifth Pilgrimage. She has always thought of him as the only family she has left -- as her brother -- following the alleged death of her parents. Hunter's interest in Skye is more romantic, but he acknowledged that she is in love with Josh.


  • Skye came to Terra Nova on the same pilgrimage as Malcolm Wallace, Hunter Boyce and Mark Reynolds.
  • A scene deleted from the Genesis episode shows that Skye initially began hanging out with Josh to gather information about the Shannons for Taylor.
  • In the commentary for the final episode of season 1, "Occupation-Resistance", one of the producers spoke of plans for Season 2 where Skye was to be revealed to be an android. However, the other commenters are laughing about it. So, it is unknown if this was meant seriously.


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