Sixer Runner
Sixer Runner
Actor Robert Reitano
First Seen "Nightfall"
Last Seen "Now You See Me"
Status Living
Job Renegade

This Sixer Runner informed Mira that the Terra Nova colony's electronics were down and participated in a Sixer diversion against the colony to allow for Carter and a few Sixers to get Lucas's work in the episode "Nightfall".

Also, in the episode "Now You See Me", he drove Skye from a rendezvous to the Sixer camp for her usual intel leak to the Sixers despite her being late for the rendezvous due to her getting injured.

He and the other Sixers fled the Sixers' camp. ("Within") It is unknown where he and the other Sixers went, but they later left to go to The Badlands. ("Occupation-Resistance")


This character appears as Sixer Runner in "Nightfall" and "Now You See Me"; he appears in "Nightfall" as "Sixer".

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