Sam Marcos
Actor Angus Freer
First Seen "The Runaway"
Last Seen "Vs."
Name Sam Marcos
Status Living
Family Leah Marcos, sister

Sam Marcos is a young boy that was living with the Sixers before returning to the Terra Nova colony. He has a sister named Leah.


Before Terra NovaEdit

It is unknown if Sam and Leah had lived in Terra Nova before or if they had been born and raised at the Sixers camp. Sam's mother had died of disease, his father killed by a Slasher and his grandma lived in New Texas back in 2149.

At Terra NovaEdit

Mira sent Sam's sister, Leah to go recover a box for her, threatning to kill Sam if she didn't perform this task. When Jim came to rescue him, Mira revealed that he was never in danger. She then released Sam to go live in Terra Nova. Sam and Leah were rejoined and adopted.

He participated in the play for the Harvest Festival, along with his sister.




Sister Leah


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