• The fish could be related to Protosphyraena, which had a similar "sword" and also had very long front fins like the fish seen in the episode, and which lived in the period of Terra Nova. Probably the fish is not Protosphyraena itself, since it seems to have a second "sword" or horn above the one on its beak (rostrum), which was not present in any known species of Protosphyraena, but it might be a close relative from the same family, or even a new species from the genus Protosphyraena. Protosphyraena was not actually closely related to the modern swordfish family Xiphiidae, but was a member of a different extinct family called Pachycormidae, with the similarities between the two being an example of convergent evolution. The modern swordfish is related to some other "billfish" groups like marlins and sailfish, but fossils of members of these groups have only been found from after the extinction at the end of the Cretaceous, as discussed in this paper (see Figure 8 on p. 448, p. 16 of the pdf file).

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