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All right. Let's catch some dinner. I was kind of surprised that you suggested this trip. Well every man needs a hobby. When did you pick it up? Well, when I got to Terra Nova, fish were the only thing I could hunt that didn't hunt me back. This place must be full of fun memories. Actually sometimes I kind of miss those days. One time, I brought my son out here. Well, I strong-armed him into coming. That didn't work out too good. It's the first time I ever heard you talk about Lucas. So, how long has it been since he went missing? That's not my favorite topic. Come on. Oh! Oh, yeah, I got something. Set it! Like this? There you go. What now? Reel the bastard in. Come on! Come on, baby! Oh, yeah. Come on. Yeah, Mama! Higher, Jim. Come on! Whew! Fun hobby. Yeah.

Hey, guys. Hey. Don't mind me. I'm only home for a minute. I have seven re-entry work-ups to do this afternoon. You know, the team they've been away in the wild for about, what, six months now? That's a long time. The leader is some guy named, um What is again now? It's, um, Ken Horton? Ken Horton? He's back? Who's Ken Horton? He's a geologist. He's like Marco Polo, Darwin and Shackleton all rolled in one. Hmm. Here Atlas of a Long Forgotten World by Ken Horton. Hmm. Do you think he'll sign it for me? Well, let's go find out. Come on.

Horton, welcome back. Marcus, so good to see you. It's Malcolm. Malcolm. Of course. So sorry. This is Dr. Shannon. She's gonna do your physicals and blood work-ups. Yeah, just to be safe. You never know what you might have been exposed to out there, after all that time. Then I place myself entirely in your capable hands, Doctor. Okay. Maddy Give them a hand unpacking the rover, would you? There's a good chap.

They say a man's nature is revealed by how he discharges his debts. Sounds like a fortune cookie, Boylan. Mm, and you've made a deal with the Sixers. Mira's calling in her favor. What's she want? Some kind of illness swept through the Sixer camp. They need medicine. Don't they have you for that? Not this time. What they need is tightly controlled. Azimeth, schedule II isomorph. It's kept in a locked cabinet in the infirmary. You need an access card to get to it. I don't have an access card. Mira's asking me to rob my mother? Mira's the only one who can talk to the future. Do you want to get that girlfriend of yours to Terra Nova or not?

Well, you don't seem any worse for the wear of six months OTG. So I can go? Says here you had a stroke four years ago. Not long after I came through the portal, yes. Okay, well, I'd like to do a cerebro-scan just, uh, get a better sense of how well you're recovering. It's been a long day. Can't that wait? I'll tell you what I'll make a deal with you. I'll schedule it for next week if you say hello to my daughter. This is Maddy. Hi. She's a huge fan. You don't say. Well, I've got to pop off to the lab. Perhaps you'd like to come along. Yeah!

I can't tell you what Atlas of a Long Forgotten World means to me. When I first found out that my mom was recruited to Terra Nova, I was terrified. You know, it seemed so far away, so alien. Mm. Then I-I read your book and well, after that, I couldn't wait to come. Oh, you're very sweet. Well, well, well, look at all this mess. It'll take the balance of my life to sort through it. Well, if there's anything I can do, I'd be happy to help. In fact, I just finished a medical internship, so I was kind of looking for something new. But only if that works for you. I'd be delighted. Really? Really.

You can't do it, Josh. You know that. If I don't, the deal's off. Do you have any idea what Taylor would do to you if you got caught? You'd be lucky to get away with just being banished. Guess I better not get caught then. They're Sixers. It's not like I'm giving them guns. They're sick, they need the medicine. Oh, don't make this out to be some kind of humanitarian gesture. I promised Kara I'd get her here. Things in 2149 are getting worse every day. Mom will just have to do without some chems. She'll cope. Glad to see you've got your justifications all worked out. That's not fair. You know what? I'm done. How do you even know that Mira and Boylan can do any of the things they promised? You could be walking into a world of hurt for nothing.

Most of these specimens come from the same valley. We found over 30 entirely new species. Things we never even knew existed. They're beautiful. Mm, but first things first. Tomorrow we have to catalogue all the rock samples according to where they were found. So, bring a light snack and your love of dull tasks. And remember, don't take schist for granite. That's very clever. You wrote that in your first chapter of Geomorphisis. Right. Of course. Ah, the old memory's not as sharp as it used to be. Oh, I almost forgot. Would you mind signing my copy of Atlas? Oh, I'd be happy to. And also, I've been dying to know, did you ever get a chance to radioisotope the coastal outcroppings? No. Continental drift never interested me much. Really? 'Cause in your letter, you said that you couldn't wait to go to Terra Nova to investigate it. I wrote you? Yeah. Years ago. I I wrote you a fan letter first, obviously. Oh, is it on here? Your reply? No. I used this stationary set I got for Christmas, and in your response, you said, it was quaint to get a real letter, you had to answer in kind. It's okay if you don't remember. I mean, I'm sure you get tons of dorky kids writing you, so Do you still have it? Yeah, it's one of my most prized possessions. I wouldn't have dreamt of leaving it behind. Can I borrow it? I'd-I'd love to make a copy for my archives. Really? I'm-I'm sure you've written to tons more interesting people. But none as charming. Sure. I'll bring it in. Perfect. See you tomorrow, then? Yes.

You owe me 500 terras, and this is what you bring me as payment? It's not only broken. It's worthless. Look, I can come up with the money. I just need more time. Three days, and that's it. Thank you. Boylan? Hmm? The Eleventh Pilgrimage is next month, and I want proof that Kara's really coming. How am I supposed to get proof? We're cut off from Look, Mira's the only one with a line to the future, and she's given me every assurance that Kara Well, if she wants those meds, I want more than assurances.

I will read you a bedtime story. But you don't do the voices right. I want Daddy to read my bedtime story. Well, bad luck, kid. You're stuck with me. Daddy's gone fishing. Now go on, wash up. Go on. Hey. Hey. I hear you have a new internship. Yeah. Well, I thought you'd be thrilled. What's wrong? No, it's stupid. What? If you can't tell your old mum something stupid, who can you tell? Hmm? It's just Horton forgot this joke from his first book, and then, he, like, totally contradicted something he told me in his letter. Like, right here, he says Wait the signatures don't match. Zoe, why is the water still running? You better not be making swamps for dinosaurs in there. Mom, the signatures don't match. Oh, honey, he had a stroke. I mean, he's not the man he was. I know, but Heroes rarely live up to our expectations of them. Maybe I don't know. Maybe you just need to think about all the things that made you look up to him in the first place, okay? I need to go and scold Zoe. Zoe!

This one's all you, kid. We agreed you'd do as I said, no questions asked, and now you demand proof? You're asking a lot. It's my mom. You're asking me to steal from my mother. Kara? Oh Oh, my God, Josh, it's really you. I've missed you. Does this mean it's true, what they're telling me about being on the next Pilgrimage? I promised you I'd get you here. You kept your promise. What happened? Get her back. You'll have plenty of time to talk once Boylan gets her here. Proof enough? You'll get your meds.

Well, how big would you say the fish I caught was? Well, I'd say that fish was as big as you want it to be. Well, I think we should say eight feet. What? Fire's gone cold. Couple days old at least. Sixers? They would never be this careless. Terra Nova, standard issue. Curran. Curran? Got to be. Who else would be living out here on their own? Well, if he left it behind, it must have been in a hurry. I tell you what why don't you head in? Tell Washington I'll be out for another day or so. Wait, don't tell me you're having a change of heart about banishing Curran? He murdered a fellow soldier. What do you think? So, you're, what, you're going to kill him? Outpost five is just a couple of clicks north of here. I'll pick up a rover there. I'll see you back at the colony.

It's a damn shame what the mold did to these beautiful trees. As you can see, every apple in Terra Nova is inedible. Yeah, that's too bad. My little sister Zoe has always dreamt of trying apple pie. By the way, did you have a chance to look for that letter? Yeah, I brought it with me. It's right here. Ah. Thank you. Remember that expedition you were on when you wrote me with, um, gosh, what was his name? I'm afraid I don't recall. Well, it was a pretty big deal, you know, someone you'd worked with before. Come on, you must remember. I don't. Details become so jumbled. When you're my age, you'll understand. Right. Sorry. What's this? A few hundred miles north, I found a species of beetle. They feed on the apple blight mold. Hmm. Well, go ahead, open it. Go on. In a few weeks, Zoe can have her pie.

At first I just thought he was embarrassed because he didn't remember, and then he got I don't know, mad almost. Maybe Mom's right maybe I just expected too much. Maybe he wants your blood. What? Well, my friend Nina said a vampire came through on the last Pilgrimage. Your friend Nina is just trying to scare you. Well, maybe one will come on the 11th. We can hope. Oh, hey, I got xiph kebabs for dinner tonight. I'm late for work, I'm gonna eat at the bar. Okay, well, don't work too late. Something wrong? No, everything's fine. Okay, see you.

Copied the access code. But you stripped the identification info, right, like, it won't trace back to her? No one is going to know it's your mum's badge. What's that for? In case someone walks in on you. One shot with this on the lowest setting, they won't even remember their own name.

Damn it, Boylan.

Curran, wake up. I said wake up. Now, that is one nasty-looking leg wound. Stinks, too. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

And you just left him out there? Well I wasn't about to wrestle him into the rover, Wash. What do you think he's going to do to Curran if he finds him? I don't know but I wouldn't want to be in his shoes right now. Anyway, it's a good thing you're back. We had a break-in in the infirmary last night.

Broke in through the window. Knew exactly which room to target. And exactly what they were after. They've taken every vial of Azimeth. Yeah, makes sense. It's got a high street value. Well, yeah, in Chicago, but here we barely have streets. I mean, you think there's Azimeth junkies in Terra Nova? I'll tell you one thing you gotta be high, drunk, or desperate to use a sonic pistol indoors in such close quarters. Whoever did this is hurting this morning.

Hey, where's Horton? Just running some tests. Can I help you? His preliminary report should have been filed yesterday. How am I supposed to allocate lab resources when he? I want to talk to you about your report. What was that? The summary of your findings? Sorry, I can't hear you. The summary of your! Really? Have your report on my desk by Monday or I'll cut your funding. How's that for funny? Oh, I gotta go. I have to drop Zoe off at school. Yeah. Uh, by the way, can I get my letter? Certainly. Of course. Um let's see, I scanned it and then I put it, uh somewhere. Look, I'm sure it'll turn up. Yeah, that's okay. I'll just get it another time. Mm.

Why would he pretend to lose my letter? The only thing I can think of is that he knew that the signatures didn't match, but so what? He supposedly had a stroke, right? Maybe you should trick him into eating garlic. What? It burns them. Zoe, he's still not a vampire. I think he is. I have to get that letter back.

So, what now, are you going to kill me? You seem to be doing a pretty good job of that yourself. Drink this; it'll help the infection. You've been hit by an Ancestral Komodo. I was trying to set a snare. It was on me before I even saw it. Took one bite and left. No, it didn't leave. It's tracking you. Komodos are cowards. They hang back till they're confident that their prey is incapacitated. They've got bacteria that lives in special ducts under their tongues. One bite and you're infected. When you're too weak to fight back, Komodo moves in, finishes the job. Why are you helping? You're the one who exiled me for murder. Lay back, gather your strength. Let me worry about the Komodo.

No, I don't understand how anyone could justify stealing from a hospital. You know, when you're looking to get high, you don't care about anything else. Look at that kid, your buddy who got a parasite from drinking Taroca root. Hunter had nothing to do with this, Dad. I didn't say that he did. Well, I just hope you can recover some of the missing chems. I have a patient with a rare neurological disorder, and the only thing that's going to help is a small dose of Azimeth. She'll die without that treatment. Can't you order more? I have to wait till the 11th Pilgrimage just to requisition it. That's just stupid. Has anyone ever thought that the thing this place needs most is a way to communicate with 2149? What's wrong with him?

You know what I think? I think the stroke's just a way of him explaining his mistakes. He's not, he's not the real Ken Horton. No, he stole his identity to come to Terra Nova in his place. Probably paid some Facer a fortune to help him. What's a Facer? They're doctors that make you look like someone else. That's how he got rid of his fangs. Do you talk like that in school? 'Cause you sound crazy. But then again, look at me. Facers, stolen identities And I don't even have any proof. I mean, he burnt the letter. But I kept the envelope. And the real Horton licked it, so it has his DNA. So all I have to do is get a sample of the fake Horton's DNA and compare it, right?

Now, all these specimens have to be catalogued in the database according to their phyla. Phyla got it. Oh, it was Dr. Grazier, by the way. Huh? The colleague I was working with back in 2144. You asked about him yesterday. Oh, right, yeah. Was there a question about our expedition? Uh, yeah. I don't remember what it was, sorry. Oh, well, it'll come back to you just like it did to me. I'd better go get started, then. Yeah.

What are you doing? Whoa, you need authorization to use the DNA sampler. Oh, sorry, I didn't realize. Whose DNA are you comparing? Um If you don't have the subject's permission, this is a very serious violation of privacy. I know, I know, I'm sorry. I just, I just think that maybe Horton isn't who he says he is, and I promise, I think I can prove it. If you just give me ten more minutes, I Come again? You think Horton's a fraud? Yeah. Watch out, watch out. It'll go faster if I help.

Josh? Yeah. I'm meeting Mira tonight. Once they get their meds, they're going to let me contact my people in 2149, and it's official Kara's on the 11th. That's great. Thank you for everything. My dad's asking a lot of questions. I don't think he's gonna stop until he figures out the whole truth. Well, the truth would be very bad for business. Why don't you cut out early tonight? Go and hang out with the family, you know, play the dutiful son, and I promise, by tomorrow, no one will suspect you. Okay. Hey, Willy how'd you like to work off that money you owe me?

Oh, it's a match. No, not possible. No, I'm afraid there's no question. Dr. Horton is who he says he is. I was so sure. I'm sorry I wasted your time. No, no problem. I guess I'll just have to keep putting up with his casual insolence and being treated like his research assistant. Thanks for helping me out. No, no, not at all. Better delete those files, eh? Yeah.

You wanted to see me? Yeah, my patient here stumbled in, complaining he cracked a rib. Claims he fell down some stairs. On the same night as the break-in. What an amazing coincidence. My thoughts exactly, so I ran him through the iso-scanner and his tissue exhibits damage consistent with a sonic blast. Must hurt like hell. Not at the moment luckily for him, he's high on Azimeth. Nice work. Think I'll take a look around his place. Yeah, let me know as soon as you find those chems. My patient's due another treatment in a few days.

Beat it. Go on! Scram! Get outta here!

Good, you're awake. The Komodo? Like I told you, Komodos are cowards. You've just got to face a coward down. You never answered me. Why save a murderer? I like a good redemption story. You play your cards right, I might even let you back inside the gates. What do you expect in return? You travel to the coordinates I marked on your map. The Sixer camp is somewhere in that area, up in the trees. You won't have to try to find them. You just stumble around, they'll find you. Yeah, and when I do, they'll kill me. I don't think so. You murdered a Terra Novan. They might even bake you a cake. You tell 'em you're seeking asylum, you make friends, ingratiate yourself. You're gonna find out for me who inside Terra Nova is supplying information to Mira. If she's got a spy, she's gonna keep that secret pretty close. You do it, Curran or the next time I track you down, the last thing you're going to see alive will be my face.

What Malcolm said got me thinking. Horton was an important guy. Tons of research projects. He must have had some sort of assistant, you know, someone to handle his correspondence. Maybe Horton did actually write the letter, but his assistant was the one that mailed it, and that's why the DNA matches but the signatures don't. What if he stole his boss's identity to get to Terra Nova? So are they both vampires? Sometimes you worry me. Go on, I'll pick you up after school.

Who was Ken Horton's research assistant? Andrew Fickett. Same height, age, build. Whereabouts unknown. Any mention of him stops right before Horton's Pilgrimage. Bring up all the crimes in Cambridge for the preceding six months. Here. "Unidentified male found in park" "Eyes and hands mutilated, identification impossible. " Oh, my God. He didn't just steal his identity. He killed him. Reading material like that's liable to give you nightmares. I should go. My mom's expecting me. Your mother's in surgery. No one's expecting you. I'm sorry. I thought I had the reservation for 2:00. Uh, that's okay. I was just leaving.

We searched his house, and found only one empty bottle. Where's the rest of the Azimeth? I used it. You'd be in a coma. Okay. I sold it. To who? I don't remember. You going to arrest me or what? That's what you want, isn't it? Question is why? Hmm? Hey! You covering for somebody? Ow! Are you you? Who is it? It was Boylan. It was Boylan! Yeah. Should have known. Keep an eye on this joker.

Sorry I'm late, Mrs. Reed. Is Zoe ready? I really have to go. Dr. Horton picked her up a few minutes ago. Dr. Horton? You let her leave with him? I'm sorry. He said you knew. Oh, my God. Where'd they go? They went that way. The orchards.

When will there be pie? Hmm. Soon. Just have to wait for a few more of these to ripen. Get away from her. Leave now, or I'll tell everyone What? Tell everyone I saved the apple harvest? Why don't you find something more interesting for your little sister to do while we have a chat? Zoe, run and find Dad, okay? Tell him I'll be home in plenty of time to make the asparagus. Nicely done.

Daddy! Daddy! Hey, Z. Daddy's got to go catch a bad guy, okay? But Wait. Shouldn't Maddy be watching you? She said to tell you something very important.

If anything happens to me, my dad will... Oh, he'll suspect, all right, but without proof, he'll Can't let you go. Sorry. Andrew, right? I know what it's like to be the one in the background, overshadowed. In my old school, everybody was happy to cheat off my homework, but no one even knew my name. It's not fair. You did all that work, all those years, and Horton was recruited. Killing him was wrong, but you've more than made up for it. You deserve a second chance. I mean, isn't that what this place is about? Promise I won't tell anyone what I know. Ha! You're never gonna let this go. He was your hero. Funny thing is, you would have hated him. He lied to everyone, stole research. I wanted to save you from all that. I wanted to be the perfect Dr. Kenneth Horton, but you had to keep that letter. The spider's bite is painless. Please Your family will just think you fell asleep and got stung. Ah You okay? You all right? Okay. It's all right. It's okay.

When I think about what almost happened out there Thank God for your panic words. Asparagus? Hmm. I always thought you were being paranoid. But I guess I was wrong. Hey. You feeling better, sweetie? Yeah, a little. Maddy, what on earth possessed you to try and deal with all of this on your own? I didn't have any proof. And I did try and talk to you, Mom. Yes, you're right. You did. But if I'm not listening to you, then you have to make me listen, okay? Or you go and get your father. Yeah. That being said, you trusted you gut, even when all the evidence was against you. Proud of you. I just keep thinking of Dr. Horton. You know, how he was just killed before he could even come here and live out his dream. Do you think the things that Fickett said about him were true? All I know is that the real Horton took the time to write to a young girl who loved his work. That's right. What's going on? Go check on Zoe. What are you doing with this? It's for your patient. I swear, I didn't know. I didn't think anyone would get hurt. You broke into a clinic. You stole from your mother. You didn't think anyone would get hurt? I'm sorry. I don't understand. Did you use it? Did you sell it? I gave it all to the Sixers The Sixers?! Why, Josh? They promised me they'd get Kara here. Who? Who said the Sixers could do that?

I hate violence. It's never the answer. You got my son caught up with the Sixers. He could've been killed. Look, the kid came to me with a problem. I was just Yeah, and you gave him false hope. The Sixers don't have the technology to get his girlfriend here. They can barely feed themselves. I might be a lot of things, Shannon, but I am no liar. Now I don't know how she does it, but Mira can talk to the future.

No, no, that's not possible. The portal has to be open to talk to 2149. Well, apparently, the Sixers have figured out a way around that. Lucas. Your son? What about him? The kid's a genius. The whole reason they recruited him was so he could try to figure out some way to communicate with Hope Plaza between pilgrimages. You think the Sixers captured him and forced him to work for them? Look, if you're right, then at least there's a chance he's still alive. There might even be a chance of getting him out of there and bringing him back home. No, Shannon. There's no chance of that. No chance at all. How do you know that? How are things between you and Josh? They've been better. Fathers and sons. Let me put it this way. Maybe you should be grateful that the worst you have to worry about is your boy getting in over his head because of a girl.

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