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In 2149Edit

Lucas. There you are. Everything's coming together right on schedule. Mining rigs were just delivered. - Being loaded in now. - Good. No point in any of this without those diggers. Been meaning to ask since you got back. What, um what happened to your? Oh. Nykoraptor. Another couple of inches, it would've had my jugular. I would've been lunch, and you'd be a much poorer man. Let's not count our money yet. A lot still has to go right before we even get to Terra Nova. With the 11th Pilgrimage leaving tomorrow, security in Hope Plaza' is gonna be extra tight. We'll get there. We have the best army money can buy.

Preparing for battleEdit

Adjust that vantage point! You got a blind spot! What's the perimeter status?

North and South Quadrants are secure, sir.

How many men we got in the tree line?

That's almost a third of our force. Pull a dozen, send them back to the colony. Don't want to spread ourselves too thin.

Yes, sir.

Doc, how are the med tents coming?

Yeah, we're gonna set up further back in the clearing. We have CO2 infusers if we get pilgrims and a mobile trauma unit in case we get casualties.

Just be ready to fall back to the colony if, uh, things go sideways.

Dunham. Remember, they can only come through two at a time, threes at the most, so we use the choke point to our advantage, yes?

Yes, sir. Why not just shut this whole thing down and stop anyone from coming through?

Um, because the terminus only anchors our end here. Even if we shut it down, the time fracture would open somewhere else within about three klicks. This is our best shot at them. At least we know where they're coming through.

When Hope Plaza fires up that particle accelerator tomorrow, we're either getting a hundred colonists looking for a new lease on life or an army bent on destroying our home. Either way let's be ready.

In the Shannon's houseEdit

I really think we'll be fine. I mean, a defensible location is key. It forces the enemy to play offense, which everybody knows is the more difficult position. Mark gave me a book on military strategy. Romantic. If there's a war, can I shoot with the sonic cannon? No, you cannot. (laughs) Hopefully, there's not gonna be a war. God willing. We won't know anything for sure until tomorrow. Besides, this family's been through a lot together, We'll get through this, too. All Shannons agree? - Yes! - Yup! Yup! - Hey, Dad? - Mm-hmm? Is there any way I can come out there with you tomorrow, in case Kara does come through? No, I'm sorry, It's too dangerous. And I need you here to look after your sisters. But if Kara comes through the portal I'll watch out for her. Promise.

Departing for battleEdit

Be careful out there. I will. We're moving out. Got to go. I love you. I love you, too.

All right, well, don't forget, anything happens to the colony while I'm gone, it's coming right out of your paycheck.

- I want to be out there with you. - Nah, nah. I need to keep you safe and sound. Wash, - who'd stitch me up? - All right, can the chatter. Do you have to go? Darling, we'll be back before you know it, okay? Listen, if the fighting makes its way back to the colony, you hide, got it? You take Maddy and Zoe and hide until we come find you. - JOSH: Got it. - All right. - Bye. - Bye. Patrol out! (vehicles whirring) It's gonna be okay, Zoe.

At the Portal TerminusEdit

Everybody in position. Nobody fires without my order. (weapons powering up) Here we go.

Sir, we got a tight-beam comm-link. It's them.

MAN 1: Commander Taylor, do you read?

Go ahead, 2149.

Terra Nova, this is Hope Plaza. Do you read? Over.

Hope Plaza, this is Taylor. Read you loud and clear. Over.

Commander Taylor, are you ready to receive the 11th Pilgrimage? What do you think?

I think they're following protocol, which is exactly what I would do if I were planning an attack. Hope Plaza, we are ready to receive.

(portal whooshes) (whooshing, zaps) Stand right there. Hold your fire. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Peter?

All right, the first three pilgrims check out so far. Stand by. Maintain your positions. Move those kids out. Move 'em through.

(whooshing, pulsing) I got this one. Kara. Mr. Shannon! (whooshing) Please, help me. (device warbles) Bomb!

In the HospitalEdit

(muffled speech) (muffled) (hoarse): Elisabeth? Elisabeth (distorted humming)

Destroyed Town SquareEdit

(distorted): You can't be up here. Taylor. (distorted): Get back now! You need to leave, and you need to leave now. It's okay, he's with me. It's okay. - Elisabeth. - Yeah, it's me. He's just disoriented, okay? He doesn't mean any harm. Come on. (groans) What happened? I'll explain everything when I get you inside.

Back in the HospitalEdit

Where are the kids? It's okay, they're at home, they're safe. There, that should help. (sighs) Can you hear me now? Elisabeth, what's going on? The last thing I remember was the explosion. That was three days ago, Jim. Why did they set it off? Were they trying to untether the fracture? It reopened closer to the colony. Their army came through and headed straight for the gates. There was no way Taylor could make it back in time. But there were soldiers here, Washington. Yeah, she held them off as best she could. (sighs) she finally surrendered. What about Taylor? Nobody's heard from him. Dr. Shannon! Bed Six is bleeding out. Go see the kids.

Back at Shannon's HouseEdit

Daddy, you're okay, you're okay. Of course I'm okay. You didn't think a little explosion would stop your old dad, did you? I'm so glad you're home. Oh, my girls. Me, too. Hey, where's Josh? Dad. Kara. It's my fault for trying to get her here. If I had just left everything alone, she'd still be alive. (sighs) Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Night at Shannon's HouseEdit

Zoe's finally asleep. Where is my gun? First thing they did was confiscate all the weapons. I'm surprised they left us with a bread knife. (sighs) It's the search lights. They start at nightfall. Curfew is from 8:00. It's like being back in Golad Prison. Why go to the trouble of keeping us all here? Why didn't they just clear the colony out? We're hostages. Taylor won't try and retake the colony if there are still civilians inside. Is anyone fighting back? Less and less. We're outnumbered. And anyone who does try to resist sent straight to the brig or worse. Is that where Washington is? No, they keep a close eye on her, though. I think they like to have her out where people can see her. Reminds us that they're in charge. Yeah. I got to go talk to Wash.

At Boylan's BarEdit

(indistinct chatter) Here we are, gents. That'll be 18 Terras. Uh, on second thought, this round's on the house. - Yeah. - Yeah. Drink up, boys, we got thirsty work ahead of us. Wash? Shannon you're awake. They told me it didn't look good for you. It's okay now. Listen, I need to know what's going on here. Who the hell are these people? They're the Phoenix Group. They're private military, killers for hire. Who hired 'em? Whoever Lucas is working for in 2149. All I know is, they must have deep pockets to mount an operation this big. We fought 'em best that we could, but once they started shelling the colony and killing innocent people, there's nothing I could do. Except raise the white flag. Okay, so what's the plan? Do I look like someone who has a plan to you? No. You look like someone who's punishing herself for doing what she had to do to save innocent lives. You got a way to contact Taylor? No. They got this colony locked down. Nothing gets in or out without them knowing about it. They came here to strip-mine the place, but how are they gonna ship anything back to 2149 when they blew up the terminus? They brought a new one back with them to make the fracture go both ways. Lucky for us, they had run-in with a pack of Carnos, that snapped the thing in half. Chalk one up for the Cretaceous. Yeah, well, don't get too excited. They're fixing it. And when I say "they," I mean Malcolm. Listen These guys think it's all over. But we can still fight them. (whispering): What do you have in mind? Oh, we hurt 'em. And we keep on hurting them till they're gone. See, I like the sound of that.

Searching for Jim ShannonEdit

Where's Jim Shannon? Nurse this is Jim Shannon's bed. What happened to him? Did he not pull through? He was stable last time I checked in on him.

At Malcolm's laboratoryEdit

(whirring and crackling) (gasps) Jim. You're awake. Yeah. So I keep hearing. This all feels like a bad dream. What are you doing here? - Do they know you're up and about? - You mean Lucas and Mira? Yeah, I mean You were Taylor's right hand. They'll be looking for you. Why are you working for them, Malcolm? Why am I? I've been pressed into service. You'll notice my assistant McCormick isn't in the lab with me. See that window? That's where they put his head when I refused to help. Then they let him bleed out on the floor. Malcolm. I'm sorry about McCormick. But if you fix that terminus, they'll start shipments to 2149. They get a taste of what Terra Nova has to offer, they'll send more men, and more equipment, - and we won't stand a chance. - Yeah, I know, I know. That's why I'm working as slowly as I can. Fortunately for us, as brilliant a physicist as Lucas is, he's no engineer, so he hasn't quite caught on yet. That's good. Well, keep I don't know, dragging it out. Hopefully it'll buy us some time to find Taylor. (distant footsteps) Did you hear? We've got a problem. MIRA: Shannon's Taylor's go-to. He's smart, capable he's dangerous. And he might just know where Taylor is. By all means, we should talk to him. Shannon. Shannon! Hey! We're talking to you. He can't hear you. The blast took most of his hearing. Hey, Jim? It's okay. Here they are. I've adjusted them for you. Now remember, stay off your feet as much as you can. Where's my father? Where's Taylor? Taylor? Lucas Taylor. I know who you are. (chuckling): I know who you are! Apparently the, uh, concussion caused a sub-cranial swelling. I don't think he even knows where he is. Yeah, he's not going to help us find my father. Malcolm! I want an update on how the terminus is coming. Step it up, or the next head that goes through a window is yours. - Hey. Jim? - Huh? Go home. Be with your family.

At the Command BaseEdit

Little early, isn't it? Any luck getting a signal to Hope Plaza? Just got off with our employers. Things couldn't be going better on their end. As far as the general public's concerned, there was a containment breach at Hope Plaza, and the place had to be evacuated. The media's reporting it'll take years to clean up the radiation. Which means, as soon as the terminus is up and running, we can start shipping everything we mine through Hope Plaza, and no one will ever be the wiser. Our employers did have one request of you, as a matter of fact. I take it you're familiar with an area called the Badlands? They'd like you to take a little trip. What for? There's nothing out there. Ours is not to question why. Oh, if you'll excuse me. You can go. You wanted to see me? You betrayed me to my father. Yeah. I did, didn't I? I should make an example of you, but I've decided to forgive you instead, because I understand. He's like a father to you, isn't he? Yeah, you could say that. Well, you know what that makes us, then brother and sister. And how could I ever hurt my sister? Don't betray me again. Next time, I won't be so forgiving.

In line for foodEdit

SOLDIER: All right, move! I hate them. I hate all of them. Shh! Easy. Take it easy. We've got to do something. We've gotta find a way to fight back. Oh, you want to help? Go ask Boylan for your job back. Why? A lot of these Phoenix guys hang out at his place. Drunken soldiers talking shop. You never know what you might overhear.


(monitor beeping) Okay, judging by the number of entry wounds, this should be the last bullet. Looks intact. Can I go ahead and close him up, then? Dr. Shannon? So what am I looking at here? I pulled a couple of bullets from a Phoenix soldier they brought in after a skirmish with Taylor's men. Look, I noticed this. That isn't a serial number. Someone did that by hand. Yeah, so I went back and I checked all the other bullets we retrieved, and they've all got the same number, hand-etched in the metal. Taylor, you sneaky bastard. You finally checked in. They're map coordinates. A rendezvous point. Except now, I gotta figure out a way past those guards and get outside the gates.

Convoy ready to departEdit

Hey, what! That's-that's my rover! And that's my army. All right! See this bug bite? Yeah, I can't even begin to describe the insect that did this to me. Some kind of winged spider-snake. What about the pyro-sonic? Is it loaded up and ready to go? Yes, sir. Now, careful with it. It's the only one we've got. Damn thing growled at me, Lucas. Pretty sure bugs aren't supposed to growl. Let's go! Whoa, whoa, whoa! (horn blaring) Why are we stopped? (horn blaring) Hey, move out of the way. The damn motor's dead again. Third time this month. You have to move now! Hey, what the hell you doing? Come on! What are you thinking? The guy's in a wheelchair! Cut him a break, why don't you? Move out of the way. Hey, mister, what have you got anything compassionate about you? This guy is in a wheelchair. - Stand back. - All right. That's cool.

At the ValleyEdit

Dr. Taylor. Mr. Weaver. WEAVER: So what are we looking at here? 'Cause all I can see is a bunch of trees. This whole valley is rich with meteoric ore. There are impact craters everywhere. Just can't see 'em because of the canopy. How much is out there? Couple hundred thousand tons. Easy. LUCAS: See, Weaver? Told you you were going to be a rich man. My own dome. That's what I'm going to do with my share. Buy my very own dome. Huh. Look at that thing. Of course, the only problem we have is the wildlife. It's not safe to get started until we clear them out. After what those Carnos did to the terminus, can't be too careful. There. One less problem. LUCAS: That was a brachiosaurus. They're harmless. - Whatever. - What's the plan? Plant the charge about ten klicks in. Detonate from this ridge. And boom, the blast will strip the entire valley of all foliage and wildlife, so we can mine it unobstructed. Today is just a hint of what's to come. With just ten pyro-sonics, we can strip half this continent. (laughs) That's what I like to hear. Be one hell of a barbecue down here, huh?

At the Rendezvous PointEdit

Mr. Shannon! Reynolds. We've been keeping an eye on this spot for days, hoping that someone would get our message. How's Maddy? She okay? The whole family's safe. Give me your comm, 'cause I need to talk to Taylor. We got a situation. You say they've got some kind of a pyro-sonic charge. They're planning to detonate it from a ridge just south of Triple Junction. - Excuse me, sir. - Talk to me, Reilly. If there's using a remote trigger, that means we can trace the signal straight to the charge. We get you there, can you defuse the damn thing? Sooner the better. All right, let's go, people. Hey, I'm glad to see you're in one piece. Likewise.

Placing the pyro-sonic chargeEdit

All right, it's armed. I'll let her rip, once we've cleared the blast radius. Very good. All right, let's go! Yeah, we're heading back now. Copy that. Standing by.

Disarming the chargeEdit

TAYLOR: All right, let's get this done. Get up to that ridge, they're gonna set this sucker off. Reilly I'm on it, sir. Oh Huh. Never seen a decompiler like this one before. Must be Russo-Chinese. Not a lot of time for a learning curve here, Reilly. Can you do it? Of course, sir. Lucas, come in. It's Weaver. Go ahead. Infra-red shows movement near the charge. Please tell me you're still down there. LUCAS: It's my father. I knew it. Blow it, Weaver! Set it off! Whoa! Hang on! We're still in the blast zone! Weaver, hold on. How much farther? Another three klicks. (beeping) What's that? It's all right. Just letting me know it's powering up. Getting ready to explode. Drive faster. And how long before it's you know not ready to explode? Corporal? If everyone could just shut up for a second. Sir. Reynolds, they're approaching the ridge. REYNOLDS: Copy that. They're almost clear of the blast zone, sir. Fire up the Rhino. One way or the other, we're leaving in a hurry. All right, we're almost clear, Weaver. Just blow the damn thing. Just a few more seconds. (beeps, whirrs) (sighs) Done. (laughs) What the hell happened? Either this detonator's broken, or your father defused the bomb. Good job, Corporal. Secure the pyro-sonic and let's get out of here. (beeping) Incoming! Everybody all right back there? Yes, sir. All good, sir. Son of a bitch!

At Taylor's CampEdit

JIM: We lost 26 before the colony fell. We lost two our first night here before we had a chance to secure the perimeter. Carnotaurs they got Bailey and Gonzalez. He was 22 years old. Good kid. Good soldier. As I understand it, Gonzalez was engaged to be married. How's Wash holding up? She's been better. She, uh, she feels like she let you down. Nah. She made the only decision she could, Surrender the colony. Tell her I said so. I will. You should be getting back before they miss you. Take this. Stay in touch. I got it on a rotating frequency. There's no way they can lock in on it. So, uh, what now, Commander? We just keep on hitting 'em. We won this round, but this ain't over. Not by a long shot.

Back at Shannon's HouseEdit

(door opens) JIM: Train station Found him wandering around the wrong side of the perimeter. - Where's the train station? - It's okay, Dad. - It's not there anymore. - Let me help you. Next time, keep an eye on him or he comes home in a body bag. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. You okay? That was too close.

In bedEdit

I'm the one who found you. After the explosion, I mean. You were lying so still. I I haven't been that scared since the day we first came to Terra Nova and they pulled you aside at Hope Plaza. Jim, I was so sure I was never going to see you again. But you did see me again. 'Cause no matter how bad things get you can always count on me showing up right here every time. 'Cause I make it my mission in life to always find my way back to you.


(blow lands) (soldier grunts) Not again. Evening patrol, three dead, four wounded. How many of theirs did we get? None, sir. They saw us coming. Someone's helping my father.

In Boylan's BarEdit

Shannon, table four needs a refill. Another Shannon, huh? You seem to be everywhere. (chuckles) Is there anything else I can get for you? You look sad. You didn't, um, you didn't lose a friend in all this, did you? Buck up, kid. Here's a terra. Buy yourself a new friend. There she is! My beautiful sister! Join me. Do you mind? Three's a crowd. Hi. So, I asked you here 'cause I'm curious about something our father. What did he say when he found out that you were spying for Mira in exchange for your mother's life? Did he forgive you? Not that it's any of your business, but he hasn't said a word to me. I can imagine how much that must hurt you. Oh, he just needs time. Sooner or later I know we'll talk. I wouldn't be so sure. I've been waiting my whole life for him to forgive me. Forgive you for what? For being born, dear sister. For the, uh, unforgivable act of being born. (scoffs, chuckles) Please don't do that. You are so beautiful. Okay. Please let go. Stop it! Excuse me. (gasps) Come on! Boylan: Take it easy, he's just a kid! - Hold him up. - Skye: No. SKYE: Lucas, Lucas, no, no!

Secret gatheringEdit

DURWIN: So I think I've figured out what's up with all the activity around the perimeter fence. They've installed some kind of new detection grid. So we're gonna need a Phoenix access card to disable it. Mr. Shannon! It's Josh.

Back in Boylan's BarEdit

(soldiers jeering) All right, all right! Enough. I got to say I'm a little hurt. I've been nothing if not generous in my treatment of you people. You brought this on yourself. And now I'm gonna have to make an example of you. (men yelling) (weapon powers up) Search him. I have to say, Sheriff, the limp, very convincing. My father would have been impressed. You, uh, did you have a good laugh about it the last time you saw him? I don't know what you're talking about. No? Transponder. So that's how my father always knew when and where to hit us. Planting these on our vehicles, Shannon? Clever. Where's my father? Where is he?! Maybe I can help you remember. Take him to the brig. Both of them.

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