Malcolm Wallace
Malcolm Wallace 2
Actor Rod Hallett
First Seen "Instinct"
Last Seen "Occupation-Resistance"
Name Malcolm Wallace
Status Living
Job Chief Science Officer

Dr. Malcolm Wallace is a doctor who arrived in Terra Nova before the Shannon family as Chief Science Officer. He came on the Fifth Pilgrimage.


Before Terra NovaEdit

He and Elisabeth Shannon had a relationship in medical school 20 years earlier, but ended when Wallace decided he didn't want children in a world that was doomed. Elisabeth then married Jim Shannon and formed a family.

At Terra NovaEdit

Elisabeth and Malcolm have to work together to try to find a cure for a deadly virus, while Jim can tell that Malcolm still has feelings for his wife. Malcolm seems surprised that Elisabeth's husband, who was supposed to be in jail in the future, has made his way back to the past. It was then revealed that it was Malcolm who gave a recommendation for Elisabeth to be recruited to Terra Nova.

Malcolm is quite knowledgeable in numerous sciences from biology, zoology, medicine and diseases to engineering. ("Instinct", "What Remains", "Occupation", "Resistance")



  • He named the Malcolmus Pterosauri after himself, claiming to have discovered them.
  • Judging by his accent, it can be determinated that Malcolm is English, along with Elisabeth.


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