Leah Marcos
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Actor Morgana Davies
First Seen "The Runaway"
Last Seen "Vs."
Name Leah Marcos
Status Living
Family Sam Marcos, brother

Leah Marcos is a young girl that was living with the Sixers before returning to the Terra Nova colony. She has a brother named Sam.


Leah arrived to Terra Nova when she was just a young girl. She came to Terra Nova with her mother, father and brother, Sam. She came on the Sixth Pilgrimage. Her family were part of the group the Sixers.

Before Terra NovaEdit

Not much is known about Leah and her family before Terra Nova. Leah also has a grandmother in 2149 who lives in New Texas.

At Terra NovaEdit

Before the Tenth Pilgrimage.Edit

Leah arrived with her family to Terra Nova. The people of Terra Nova called her peanut because she was so small. Leah's family left to be part of the Sixers.Leah's mother and father are both dead. Her father was killed by a Slasher. Her mother died from Pleural sarcoma.

After the Tenth Pilgrimage.

Leah first appeared in The Runaway.

She was found in the woods by Jim and Lieutenant Washington, along with other soldiers. After being brought back to Terra Nova she stayed with Jim and Elisabeth Shannon. At first Taylor and Jim thought Leah was not a Sixer spy just a girl looking for home. It was later found out that Leah was sent by Mira to recover a box hidden in the floor in the house where Mira lived when she was at Terra Nova. After being caught by Jim and Lieutenant Washington at the fence she is then questioned and it is found out that Leah's brother was being held captive by Mira. She and her brother were later adopted into the colony. ("The Runaway")

During the Harvest Festival, Leah rehearsed for the role of "Lieutenant Washington." ("Vs.")