Ken Horton
Seen In "Proof" (mentioned)
Name Ken Horton
Status Deceased
Job Researcher

Dr. Ken Horton was a British research scientist who studied geology and was later invited to be a research scientist at Terra Nova. His associate Andrew Fickett, however, envious of the attention that Ken received while he was overshadowed, and angry that Horton had been recruited to Terra Nova but not him, killed Ken in Cambridge and took on Ken's appearance so that he could make the trip to Terra Nova.

Before his death, Horton wrote a book about the prehistoric Earth of Terra Nova, called Atlas of a Long Forgotten World. Presumably the book was based on a study of the scientific information transmitted back to the 22nd century during the Pilgrimages, when communication between the two worlds was possible.

Trivia Edit

  • The character is named after television producer Ken Horton who worked on Dallas, The X-Files, Millennium, and Smallville as well as being credited as a consulting producer for the fifth episode of Terra Nova, "Bylaw".

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