Ken Foster
Actor Sweeney Young
Seen In "Bylaw"
Name Ken Foster
Status Deceased (murdered)
Job Terra Nova Security

Ken Foster was a member of the security team who was checking on a communications station that had a problem. When he opened the door of the station, he was killed by a Nykoraptor that was trapped there intentionally by Curran.

Character BiographyEdit

He was born on October 24th, 2129.

Before Terra NovaEdit

At Terra NovaEdit


Ken Foster and Rebecca Milner

Before his death, he had been in a relationship with a married woman. He was a very good gambler and was owed a lot of money by Curran, who murdered him by trapping the Nykoraptor in the station prior to his arrival.


  • Foster is the first character to have their specific date of birth revealed.

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