Terra Nova bus 2

The "Journey to Terra Nova" Mobile Experience was an attraction that toured through the United States to promote the premier of Terra Nova. The heart of the attraction was a bus covered with Terra Nova art. The bus contained an oxygen bar and a green screen room. Some of the shows actors were also present at the bus.

The tour started in San Diego at July 21 and ended in New York at September 26.



IMG 0313

under contruction

Oxygen barEdit

Terra Nova oxygen bar 1

under contruction

Green screen roomEdit

Terra Nova Green Screen

Stephen Lang in the Green Screen room.

under contruction


City Location Date Time
San Diego, CA San Diego Convention Center July 21 -24
Las Vegas, NV Hard Rock Hotel July 26 12:00p-8:00pm
San Francisco, CA Fisherman's Wharf August 3 12pm-7pm
Beverly Hills, CA August 5
Universal City, CA August 7




Bus (outside)Edit

Oxygen barEdit

Green screen roomEdit

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