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Hunter Boyce
Actor Sam Parsonson
First Seen "Genesis"
Last Seen "Nightfall"
Name Hunter Boyce
Status Living

Hunter Boyce is a teen living in Terra Nova. He is a housemate of Skye, Max and Tasha.


Before Terra NovaEdit

At Terra NovaEdit

Hunter was one of the teens who left the camp and was attacked by Slashers. His leg was injured and had to be rescued by the search team that was sent out to find him and the other teenagers. ("Genesis")

Hunter admitted to Skye that he has feelings for her. ("Nightfall")


  • Was injured by a Slasher in "Genesis".
  • Hunter was infected with a 30 feet parasite called a Taroca in "Nightfall" as a result from drinking unfermented Taroca root the other week. His friend Skye took him to the infirmary where Elisabeth Shannon was about to kill the parasite, but with the power out caused by the electromagnetic pulse she had to take the parasite by hand, and eventually Skye tried to do it herself so that Elisabeth could attend other citizens affected by the blast but the parasite snapped, leaving a portion in Hunter's gut. Luckily, Boilan managed to create a chip to give the infirmary bed power so that Elisabeth could kill the parasite.



Hunter is close friends with housemates Skye, Tasha, and Max. He has a romantic interest in Skye, though she thinks of him more like a brother, and she is more attracted to Josh. ("Genesis"), ("Nightfall")


He came through on the Fifth Pilgrimage, the same as Skye.

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