Hope Plaza

The Hope Plaza logo.

Hope Plaza is the name of the center responsible for all operations related to the Time Portal and Terra Nova. (Genesis: Part 1)

It is surrounded on either side by two enormous circular structures (probably the FERMI particle accelerator that created the time portal), and a rail line of some type runs along its length.

Hope Plaza has the final decision on all members of the pilgrimages to the colony and is also responsible for maintaining contact with the colony when the portal is activated. (What Remains)

Due to the obvious significance of the Time Portal to mankind, security forces are kept on constant guard in Hope Plaza, to defend against threats and potential stowaways.



Jim infilltrating Hope Plaza.

The Phoenix Group seized Hope Plaza on the day of the Eleventh Pilgrimage, which it then used to stage an invasion of Terra Nova. The public were told that there was nuclear contamination, allowing the transports from Terra Nova to go unnoticed. Hope Plaza was destroyed by Jim Shannon when he detonated a pyrosonic bomb after returning through the portal to 2149, the hope was its destruction would protect the past from the future.

Award Edit

Terra Nova Newscast Man of the Year (06 09 2149)

Terra Nova Newscast Man of the Year (06 09 2149)

2149 Newscast: Man of the Year

On July 9, Hope Plaza was named "Man of the Year" for "doing more to alleviate the misery of people around the world than anything since the invention of dome technology", editors said.

Behind the scenesEdit

The exterior of Hope Plaza was CG. The interior was shot at the XXXX Brewery, Milton, Brisbane. The area with the Portal was shot at the Village Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast. Only the catwalk towards the Portal was built, the rest was a blue screen.

The Portal area differs between episode Genesis: Part 1 and Resistance. By the time the latter episode aired, the animators had had the time to create an enhanced version of the Portal and the surrounding area.


  • In Terra Nova, Lucas reveals to his father that Hope Plaza isn't in charge of the Terra Nova project.