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Before Season 1 of Terra Nova was released, the Countdown to Terra Nova app revealed a teaser video, poster or faux news article ever day until the premier. The app was created by the Cargo Collective under the supervision of Anna McClure.[1]

The content was later deleted. The videos were not released on DVD.

Countdown AppEdit

Terra Nova Countdown app1

The Countdown app was available on Facebook and the website The top of the widget had a counter that informed the viewer how many days:hours:minutes:seconds were left before the show's premier. The top also had a few like buttons.

Starting from July 23[2], the app revealed a newscast or advertisement from 2149, until the show premiered on September 26, 2011. Among the countdown videos were psychologic evaluation videos with all members of the Shannon family, apart from Zoe.

Thumbnails of all content was listed in a gallery below a larger screen that showed the latest or selected element. The elements were grouped into the categories:

  • News: Year 2149
  • Discover Terra Nova
  • Government Alerts
  • The Shannon Family

There was also an "Enter The Lottery" button that linked to the Live Terra Nova website.


July 23Edit

TN pos doctor
Psychiatric Evaluation Elisabeth Shannon 00101:34

Psychiatric Evaluation Elisabeth Shannon 001

July 24Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Maddy Shannon 00100:38

Psychiatric Evaluation Maddy Shannon 001

July 25 Edit

TN prop2

TN pos family4

July 26Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Jim Shannon 00100:38

Psychiatric Evaluation Jim Shannon 001

July 27Edit

Countdown 7-27

July 28Edit

Terra Nova Zpravodajství z 27.700:25

Terra Nova Zpravodajství z 27.7.2149

July 29Edit


July 30Edit

Countdown 7-30

July 31 Edit

TN countdown July31

August 1Edit

Newscast The Tenth Pilgrimage (31 07 2149)00:26

Newscast The Tenth Pilgrimage (31 07 2149)

August 2Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Josh Shannon 00100:31

Psychiatric Evaluation Josh Shannon 001

August 3Edit


August 4Edit

Countdown 8-4

August 5Edit

Newscast No Human Life by 2182 (04 08 2149)00:31

Newscast No Human Life by 2182 (04 08 2149)

August 6Edit

Countdown 8-6

August 7 Edit

TN pos 11thpilgrimage

August 8 Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Elisabeth Shannon 00200:59

Psychiatric Evaluation Elisabeth Shannon 002

August 9 Edit

TN pos family4 2

August 10Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Jim Shannon 00200:38

Psychiatric Evaluation Jim Shannon 002

August 11Edit

TN pos fraudalert

August 12Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Maddy Shannon 00200:32

Psychiatric Evaluation Maddy Shannon 002

August 13Edit

TN pos orange

August 14 Edit

Hope Plaza terrorist attack

August 16Edit

TN needs soldiers

August 17 Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Josh Shannon 00200:48

Psychiatric Evaluation Josh Shannon 002

August 18 Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Maddy Shannon 003-000:30

Psychiatric Evaluation Maddy Shannon 003-0

August 19Edit

Countdown 8-19

August 20Edit


August 21Edit

Countdown 8-21

August 22Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Elisabeth Shannon 003-001:10

Psychiatric Evaluation Elisabeth Shannon 003-0

August 23Edit

TN pos family4 3

August 24Edit

Countdown 8-24

August 25Edit

Terra nova rebreather7000

August 26Edit


August 27Edit

Countdown 8-27

August 28Edit

Countdown 8-28

August 30Edit

Countdown 8-30
Psychiatric Evaluation Jim Shannon 00301:25

Psychiatric Evaluation Jim Shannon 003

August 31Edit

Countdown 8-31

September 1Edit

TN pos rebreather3

September 2Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Josh Shannon 00300:50

Psychiatric Evaluation Josh Shannon 003

September 3Edit

Countdown 9-3

September 4Edit

Countdown 9-4

September 5Edit

TN pos farmers

September 6Edit

Countdown 9-6

September 7Edit

Terra Nova Newscast Man of the Year (06 09 2149)00:26

Terra Nova Newscast Man of the Year (06 09 2149)

TERRA NOVA - Propaganda join the lottery00:41

TERRA NOVA - Propaganda join the lottery

September 8Edit

Countdown 9-8

September 10Edit

Countdown 9-10

September 11Edit

Countdown 9-11

September 13Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Elisabeth Shannon 004-000:50

Psychiatric Evaluation Elisabeth Shannon 004-0

September 14Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Jim Shannon 00400:55

Psychiatric Evaluation Jim Shannon 004

September 17Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Maddy Shannon 005-000:54

Psychiatric Evaluation Maddy Shannon 005-0

September 18Edit

Countdown 9-18

September 19Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Josh Shannon 00500:45

Psychiatric Evaluation Josh Shannon 005

September 20Edit

Portal Safety Tip small children

September 21Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Elisabeth Shannon 005-001:11

Psychiatric Evaluation Elisabeth Shannon 005-0

September 22Edit

TN pos flora

September 23Edit

Psychiatric Evaluation Jim Shannon 00500:41

Psychiatric Evaluation Jim Shannon 005

September 24 Edit

Hope Plaza bags

September 25Edit

Countdown 9-25


Psychiatric EvaluationEdit



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