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  • BastionMonk

    September 26 this year marks the 5 year anniversary of Terra Nova. I think it would be nice if fans did something to celebrate the occasion. Fans of other franchises have special days dedicated to their favourite franchise. Examples are: , , Jurassic June and .

    The existence and observance of these "holydays" is a telltale sign of how alive/dedicated the respective fanbases are. We are quite dedicated fans of the show. Therefore, I think it would be a good idea to encourage each other to not let September 26 go by unnoticed.

    I would like to use this thread to gather ideas for how to celebrate September 26. I will list here what I did last year.

    Whatch Terra Nova media when it aired:

    • I look every day at the Countdown to Terra Nova article to see what…

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  • BastionMonk

    Actor Jason O'Mara, who played Jim Shannon in Terra Nova, was interviewed by Sidewalks Entertainment last year. The video containing the interview was uploaded on August 22, 2015. However, it never showed it when I was looking for news about this show.

    I will summarize the most interesting parts of the interview.

    Terra Nova's cancellation and aftermath:

    "I have always thought that [...] it was cancelled too soon. I felt like we were just kind of getting with the story and it was stopped. It seems like one of those shows that seems to go on to have this other life after it aired, you know, people are finding it on other platforms on the internet and other places."

    Will there be a season 2 or continuation movie?

    "All I can say is... I hope it happ…

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  • BastionMonk

    After FOX decided to cancel Terra Nova (2012) they gave fans the files to create their own ending for the show in the form of a motion comic.

    I didn't thought much of it at the time. However, this September 26 will mark the 4th anniversary of the show. A fanmade comic will be the closest thing to a new TN episode I am gonna get.

    With that in mind, I have tried to create a Terra Nova comic since last year. I bought the Terra Nova DVD back in 2012. It came with an activation code to download the Terra Nova Files from I had downloaded it at the time but lost it.

    In 2013 FOX took ALL Terra Nova pages offline; even the YouTube videos (WHY???!!!). So I could no longer download the files. I turned the www inside out to see if I c…

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  • BastionMonk

    With the release of Jurassic World last June, dinosaurs are back on the minds of the people around the globe. At July 1st interviewed actor Jason O'Mara about his show '. They couldn't help to ask O'Mara about his own Jurassic series Terra Nova.

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  • BastionMonk

    Three years of Terra Nova

    September 26, 2014 by BastionMonk

    Three years ago on this day, September 26, the first episode of Terra Nova was released. I remember that moment well. As long as I could remember, the dinosaur genre was dominated by Jurassic Park and Primeval. This was finally something new and fresh. Unlike Jurassic Park, Terra Nova had a premise that allowed many sequels for the years to come.

    Three years later, things could not be more grim. FOX has send its soldiers into the Terra Nova sets and destroyed them. All Terra Nova props have been sold. FOX has also taken all Terra Nova sites and YouTube videos offline. Even the Terra Nova fans become silent. The TN podcast has stopped. The other Terra Nova Wiki and Fanon Wiki are offline now. As all lights go out, I like to think this wiki is Terra Nova'…

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  • Dragonfly82

    It's really sad that it got cancelled. Who knows? Maybe it will come back again.

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  • GirlyMand

    I'm just a small-time YouTube Vlogger. I don't make many videos and those that I do make don't usually get a lot of hits; normally a couple of hundred.

    Anyhow, I created a Vlog, back on January 15th 2012, simply discussing Terra Nova and my hopes for a 2nd Season. Back then I had no idea that the show would not get picked up by someone. That Video has had over 9000 hits and gained 66 comments so far, but there is a downside.

    On YouTube, as many will know, there is the Like/Dislike buttons and while my video has gained 29 Likes, it has also got 14 Dislikes. That's a 2:1 split.

    It could be that people just don't like my vlogging, so they have disliked the video, or it could be that some people stupidly expect my video to be some bootlegged vers…

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  • Oxnate


    July 30, 2012 by Oxnate

    I say "of", you say "a", I say "revolution", and you say "jah".

    Anyway, for those of you who don't know that's the chorus of Of A Revolution's (O.A.R.) song Crazy Game of Poker.

    Seeing as this show is almost certainly dead and all but gone, along with this Wiki, I was wondering if any of you still reading this Wiki had seen the new trailers for the show "Revolution". It's coming out in September on NBC. At first glance this looks like what a lot of people were hoping for with Terra Nova: A fresh start for humanity.

    Brief summary: technology no longer works. I didn't see any guns in the trailers so it's hard to tell if they don't work too (a la S.M. Stirling's Dies the Fire) or if it's long enough afterwards that they've run out of ammo.


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  • Georgeblythe123


    Is there any news on when "Terra Nova" is coming back to our screens?

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  • BastionMonk

    Fan Fiction

    April 23, 2012 by BastionMonk

    If the story of Terra Nova won't be told by its creators, the fans can do it.

    A Terra Nova Fanon Wiki has been created on Wikia. Maybe we can go over there and tell our stories. It can also use a lot of help with the main page and background.

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  • Tsu'tey te Rongloa Ateyitan

    Not sure if any other blog posts have confirmed this or not, but unfortunately it's official that "Terra Nova" was cancelled and will not be renewed for a second season. Sorry to break the bad news to everyone! (Although I personally was beginning to lose interest in the show with every episode....) Not sure why, but just Google 'Terra Nova Cancellation' and you'll get a bunch of results.

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  • Novian24

    Lets save the show!

    January 3, 2012 by Novian24

    Hi Novians!

    Terra Nova is nominated for the Favorite New TV Drama. I t may sound dumd but I know that if we make it win in the upcoming People Choice Awards we might save the show! So please vote!

    People Choice Awards Official Page:

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  • Chawk1993

    Season 2?

    January 1, 2012 by Chawk1993

    I know its only the first day of the new year but does anyone know if Terra Nova will be commissioned for a second season?

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  • Oxnate

    Another Spy

    December 18, 2011 by Oxnate

    Ok, so I'm starting to write a Terra Nova Fanfic right now. It's why I got so obsessed with knowing the size of the wall (and the colony) in my last post. So, I'm rewatching all the episodes. And there's a lot of continuity issues. Chief among them, Skye being THE Sixer spy.

    The first and most obvious question was if she knew that Boylan had to go through the Sixers to get Kara to Terra Nova, why was she upset that he got mixed up with them?

    I also noticed that in Nightfall, Skye wouldn't have known much, if anything, about the box and certainly shouldn't have known where it was hidden. That means that there has to be another Sixer spy that has either science and/or security access. My money (and it will be in my story) is on Private Dunham.…

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  • Dino Buff

    The "real" Terra Nova world

    December 16, 2011 by Dino Buff

    After some looking around, I've found what I believe to be the closest time and place for the prehistoric world of Terra Nova, with paticular attention payed to the dinosaur species, types, and sizes. Terra Nova's dinosaur species seem to most closely resemble, believe it or not, Early Cretaceous England from around 130 to 125 m.y.a. There were Brachiosaurs (Pelorosaurus), spinosaurids like the Empirosaur though a good deal smaller (Baryonyx), coelurosaurs like the Ovasaurs (Aristosuchus), ankylosaurs (Polacanthus), even dromaeosaurs (a.k.a. raptors) probably similiar to the Nikos (currently labeled under Ornithodesmus). While there were no abelisaurs like Carnotaurus present, a carnivor of similar size was running around (the Neovenato…

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  • Oxnate

    The Wall

    December 8, 2011 by Oxnate

    I got a little obsessed this week with trying to find out about the wall. It occurred to me that the wall is huge for the number of people it probably protects. Though we don't actually know the number of people at Terra Nova either.

    I took one of the flyover pictures and a basic estimate of the size of the gate to try to work out a circumference for the wall, and from there find out an area inside the wall to get a good estimate of how much farmland they had inside the wall, which in turn would give me a rough idea of how many people lived in Terra Nova.

    It didn't work. The main problem was that the fly-over pics were at an unknown angle and my Trigonometry classes were too long ago. I was able to make a rough guess though and that led to m…

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  • Imperium Guy

    Solar Colonies

    December 7, 2011 by Imperium Guy

    Considering the year is 2149, I would presume there would be colonies on the moon and Mars. Mars might be even be terraformed. What are your thoughts, are there actually colonies there and the rich live on Mars or is ther no colonies at all?

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  • Zwhit3


    November 24, 2011 by Zwhit3

    they should make more dinosaurs in the tv series i mean there back millions and millions of years into the past the dinosaurs should be:

    • dilophosauras
    • spinosaurus
    • velociraptor
    • carntosauraus
    • pteranodon
    • oviraptor
    • maisaur
    • triceratops
    • tyrannosauraus
    • brachiosaurus
    • diplodicus
    • stegosaurus
    • compsagnathus
    • eoraptor
    • archeopytrex
    • plesiosaurs
    • kronosaurus
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  • Blathereen


    November 11, 2011 by Blathereen

    I think whoever made this Wiki should custamize their achievments and awards, that would be so much fun. I LOVE getting and winning stuff on Wikia.

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  • BardockGoku

    Zoe is Annoying

    November 9, 2011 by BardockGoku

    Is it just me or does anyone else find Zoe annoying as hell. I actually cant stand her. She is such an annoying little brat. What are your thoughts?

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  • Tsu'tey te Rongloa Ateyitan

    Hi, everyone. I am a huge fan of Terra Nova, and I have recently learned some terrible news that I think should be shared with you. The show may be set for cancellation immediately following its Season 1 finale December 19th. While nothing is official yet, several websites have hinted at this. Pray that it does not get cancelled and becomes even more successful, everyone! :)

    PLEASE NOTE: The cancellation of the show is NOT official yet and is only a rumor, I highly doubt it will happen after so much anticipation for the show. Plus, it's a Steven Spielberg production - I don't think he'll go down without a fight! ;)

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  • Wrichar209
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  • AwkwardEmbracer

    this is a random as blog.... but anyway i noticed alot of the actors on the show are Australian. and it's not just this show either, it's like, a lot of characters that are off of Australian shows just randomly show up in American programmes.

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  • Supergirl9909

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  • Roene

    i think we should have a Separate page becuase the timeline Terra nova is set in. is a differenced timeline.

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  • Ralok

    gallery pages?

    October 1, 2011 by Ralok

    why would we need entire pages that are galleries . .. what purpose does it serve, and for that matter what purpose does it serve to have a million pictures just clumped together on each page . . . .


    look, if the picture serves no purpose it is uneeded, and whole galleries devoted to characters is unneded

    five pictures in a row that are side profiles . . . . is just plain silly

    we dont need anymore pictures than what is needed to convey the information

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  • Ericlarios

    Any Ideas on the Brand or Maker on this Beauty...

    Wow! Talk about a sexy ass holster...

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  • Kate.moon

    Terra Nova Premieres TONIGHT

    September 26, 2011 by Kate.moon

    The wait is finally over! The highly anticipated Steven Spielberg Terra Nova is premiering tonight! FOX is super-sizing the premiere with a 2-hours premiere so get ready to see what 2149 looks like.

    Buddy TV! just released these fresh clips from the premiere with the Shannon family making their perilous journey, and what looks to be an early altercation between Commander Taylor and Jim.

    Are you excited yet?!

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  • Joeldavidr2

    me comprometo con esta wikia hasta que termine la serie

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  • Porterfield

    We've been given basic plot and cast information, and seen a couple clips, but many of us still wonder how Terra Nova will actually play out. It depends on what type of person you are and what genre of television tickles your fancy, but we all have questions. Will there be dinosaurs in every episode? How much carnage will there be? How man fatalities? How much romance? How much drama? Mysteries? Shirtless hunks? Babes riding on pterodactyls?

    Well, the man who plays protagonist Jim Shannon, Jason O'Mara, has taken it upon himself to answer some of these questions. I'm not usually into anything that comes close to spoilers, but Jason's words are reassuring, especially for fans of Jurassic Park, Sci-Fi, and carnage who are skeptical about tuni…

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  • Matias Arana

    Terra Nova Theme

    September 20, 2011 by Matias Arana

    The beyond epic Terra Nova theme was released yesterday through Twitter, via Jose Molina. You can hear and download the theme in the link below.

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  • Kate.moon

    While you're waiting for baited breath until Terra Nova premieres (don't miss its two-hour premiere on September 26th!), here's something to ease your cravings. There is an interactive Terra Nova Mobile truck coming to a city near you! Aptly titled "Journey to Terra Nova Mobile," the truck began its journey at Comic-Con in San Diego this year and will make its way across America until it hits New York City on September 24!

    Hitting a total of 23 cities, "Journey to Terra Nova" provides fans with tons of Terra Nova goodies! To find out if this awesome truck if coming to your city, check the tour calendar.

    I got to experience the truck personally in San Francisco today; the truck is fully equipped with its own green room where YOU can film a sc…

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  • Kate.moon

    It looks like certain lucky Wikians like Beastly14 got to attend the Terra Nova panel at Comic-Con! We are completely jealous, but for those who couldn't make it, check out his blog!

    We also have a great video of Stephen Lang discussing his character's role! We can't wait for the season to start and it sure sounds like the first viewing got rave reviews. The two-hour premiere will air on September 26 on FOX so don't miss it!

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  • Beastly 14

    I'm in San Diego right now, in my hotel room, awaiting another amazing day with Terra Nova. The first screening was amazing! Although Jason O'mara wasn't there, Stephen Lang, "Slang", was there an did an amazing job. I have some photos of the screening:

    Although I missed the beginning, which made it kind of confusing, I still enjoyed the episode. A lot of the questions are answered and the Acceraptor part is phenomenal and, a little bit scary. I don't want to give away that much spoilers, so I'll describe the episode like this: It has several action sequences, a great car chase, shocking answers and realizations, and dinosaurs that, well, needed some more time put into their creation.

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  • Matias Arana

    The hype for Terra Nova has been going on for a very long time.

    But Fox sources now confirm the prehistoric, special effects-laden drama will air a short first season: for budgetary reasons, Terra Nova will only air 13 episodes, wrapping up in December.

    Terra Nova premieres with a two-hour episode on September 26, and it's not the only highly-anticipated series expected whose inaugural season will only be comprised of a handful of episodes.

    Source: TV Fanatic

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  • Beastly 14

    Comic-Con Crash

    June 29, 2011 by Beastly 14

    Matias Arana's blog says Terra Nova's Comic-Con screening has been cancelled. Now this really makes me mad, because I was planning to go to San Diego on July 19th, and see Terra Nova's Pilot at Comic-Con on the 23th. So, anyone who is also mad, I feel your pain.

    Wait! Matias has just told me that his blog was posted last year! I don't know how I thought that was from 2011, so my San Diego vacation is still on! Folks, if you're dying to see that panel and Terra Nova's Pilot, go to San Diego!!!!!!!!!

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  • Beastly 14

    Yep, more spoilers! I got ahold of some wicked Slasher pictures:

    And here it confirms Terra Nova's premiere date and time! Get ready for the wildest ride of your life


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  • Matias Arana

    Terra Nova producer and director Jon Cassar recently revealed through his Twitter account a cryptic image, showing a late-night shoot at the set. Writer and producer Paul Grellong then added that “Something jaw-dropping happens at this location”, specifically on Episode 4.

    There's nothing here to identify besides a vehicle and a wagon-looking object, what do you think?

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  • Kate.moon

    With huge names and a huge budget, Terra Nova is pretty much slated to be the biggest sci-fi premiere of the season. To promote the buzz-worthy series, FOX just released a trio of noir-cool posters!

    Check out these cheeky posters, courtesy of TV Fanatic. The message seems pretty clear: don't poke the sleeping dinosaurs! Of course we all know they will...

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  • Germankid


    May 22, 2011 by Germankid


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  • Germankid


    May 22, 2011 by Germankid


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  • Matias Arana

    The biggest sci-fi production airing on TV next season is going to miss out on the biggest fanboy convention.

    20th and producers of Fox's epic prehistoric family action drama "Terra Nova" have scrapped plans for a panel at Comic-Con. Those involved cited some reasons familiar to fans of "Game of Thrones" and "Torchwood," both of which are also missing the event: There's no footage yet for the show and it seems too early to talk about the project when so many aspects are still coming together.

    This could help NBC's "The Event" position itself as the Big New Show at the Con (and can't hurt my "Spartacus" panel either, which is scheduled for the same time as "Nova").

    Read more:…

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