Michelle Branch singing

Another Sun was a song by Michelle Branch that was used to promote the show Terra Nova.

The music video featured Michelle Branch singing the song to a microphone. Scenes from the pilot and What Remains episodes and extra scenes with the show's main characters were also shown. The first half of the video also featured monologues by Nathaniel Taylor, Elisabeth and Jim Shannon.

The song was not included on the CD set. It was added to Spotify.


A sunny sky becoming
The haunted in the skies
A place in time and wonder
In a certain way

A cage in bliss to save the rest
From us
I am lying among the trees
It must begin with me

Run with me to yesterday
The world we lost is ours to save
From tyranny and hope and fear
with someone ???

I left to you and yours
The time is close, the mountains' gone
For everyone and all of us
We live to raise another sun


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