• Given the crest, it is possible that Acceraptor may be related to Guanlong or Kileskus, though its size appears close to Utahraptor. It is, however, intended to be a type unknown to paleontologists. This article mentions an estimate that we have discovered less than a third of all the types that have been fossilized, and there may be more types that didn't have any fossils that survived to the present.
  • Acceraptor is intended to mean "slashing thief" in Latin. Despite this, it does not actually appear to be a dromaeosaur, the type of dinosaur called a "raptor"; shots of its feet do not seem to show the upturned inner toe with the enlarged "sickle claw" and despite the feathers on its body, it lacks a fantail of feathers, arm feathers or primary feathers on the hands, which characteristics of dromaeosaurs. Giving a non-dromaeosaur a name with "raptor" in it is not unheard of however, as seen in real dinosaurs like Oviraptor and Eoraptor. Guanlong and Kileskus, mentioned above, were small tyrannosauroids rather than dromaeosaurs, so Acceraptor might be imagined to be a member of this group as well (though the former two were both from the Jurassic, about 80 million years before the time of Terra Nova).

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